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A Village Mouse Story in English

Hello friends, we have written an English story for your entertainment, by reading which you will get good education and this story will help your children to read. It is our effort that you all liked our A Village Mouse Story.

A Village Mouse Story

A Village Mouse Story

Once upon a time, two mice were very good friends. One rat lived in the city and the other in the village, but both kept getting information about each other from the rats coming and going there. One day the city rat felt like meeting his friend, so he informed the village rat through his friend about coming to his village. The village mouse was very happy to hear the news of his friend’s arrival. He started making preparations to welcome his friend.

Then the day came when the city rat came to meet his friend in the village. The village mouse welcomed his friend very happily. Both of them talked about many things. While talking, the village rat said, ‘There must be a lot of pollution in the city, but the environment here in the village is quite pure.’ After discussing all these things, both the rats felt hungry. The village rat lovingly served some fruits, bread and pulses and rice to his friend.

Both of them sat together and enjoyed eating with great pleasure. After dinner, both of them set out for a walk in the village. Both of them enjoyed the beautiful view of the village. While showing the greenery of the village, the village mouse asked the city mouse, ‘Are there such lush green views in the city too?’ The city mouse did not answer this, but did invite his friend to come to the city. Gave. After a whole day’s walk, both the rats sat down to have dinner at night. The village rat again gave fruits and grains to his friend to eat. Both of them had food and went to sleep.

Next morning the village mouse again served the same fruits and grains to his friend for breakfast. Seeing this the city rat got irritated. He said irritably to the village rat, ‘Do you eat the same food every day, all the time? Is there nothing else to eat besides all this?’

The city rat said to his friend, ‘Let’s go to the city right now.’ You can see how comfortable life is there and how many kinds of things there are to eat.’ The village mouse agreed to go with his friend. Both the rats set out towards the city. It was night by the time we reached the city. The city rat lived in a hole in a big house. The village rat was surprised to see such a big house. Then he saw that many types of food items were kept on the table.

Both the rats sat down to eat. The village rat tasted a piece of cheese. He liked the cheese very much and ate it immediately. Both of them were still eating when they heard the sound of a cat. The city rat immediately asked the village rat to hide in the hole. He said, ‘Friends, quickly hide in the hole, otherwise the cat will hunt us.’ Both of them ran and hid in the hole. The village rat was very scared. Within a short time the cat left from there and both of them came out.

The city rat gave courage to the village rat and said, ‘No fear now friend, that cat is gone. All this is a part of life, it is a normal thing.’ After this both of them started eating again. The village rat had just started eating the bread when there was a sound at the door and a boy started coming inside with a big dog. The village rat’s fear increased and he asked the city rat about it. The city rat asked the village rat to hide in the hole first. Then, while hiding in the hole, he told the village rat that the dog belonged to the owner of the house, who always lives here.

After the dog left, both the rats came out of the hole. This time the village rat was more scared than before. Before the city rat could say anything to the village rat, the village rat asked for permission to go. The village mouse said to his friend, ‘Thank you very much for this delicious food, but I cannot live here risking my life every day, friend. Delicious food in its place and precious life in its place.’ Saying this, the village rat left the city and went towards the village. Then when he reached the village, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Moral Story:- That one can never find happiness and peace in a life of comfort full of dangers. A simple but secure life is a happy life.

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We hope you liked our English story. This story is not just for children but for everyone, if you guys liked A Village Mouse Story then please tell us by commenting and share it with as many people as possible.

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