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5+ English Poem For Class 11 For Students Competition

Greetings readers! Today, I’d like to talk about the significance of English poems for Class 11 students. Poetry is a powerful form of expression that allows us to delve into our emotions and thoughts, and to see the world from a unique perspective. For Class 11 students, studying English poems is a great way to expand their literary knowledge and skills, and to deepen their understanding of the English language.

From Shakespeare to contemporary poets, there is a rich tradition of English poetry that offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, I hope this blog post will provide you with valuable insights into the world of English poetry for Class 11, and inspire you to start exploring this exciting and captivating genre. So, let’s dive in!

English Poem For Class 11

English Poem For Class 11

This poem uses simple vocabulary and rhyming words, making it easy for 11-grade students to understand and recite. It is also a fun and light-hearted poem that can be used to introduce students to the concept of poetry. So, These English poem helps every student with their moral knowledge.

English Poem For Class 11 With Poet Name – Poem 1

English Poem For Class 11

A Photograph

The cardboard shows me how it was
When the two girl cousins went paddling,
Each one holding one of my mother’s hands,

And she the big girl — some twelve years or so
All three stood still to smile through their hair
At the uncle with the camera. A sweet face,

My mother’s, that was before I was born.
And the sea, which appears to have changed less,
Washed their terribly transient feet

Some twenty-thirty — years later
She’d laugh at the snapshot.
“See Betty And Dolly,” she’d say, “and look how they

Dressed us for the beach.” The sea holiday
Was her past, mine is her laughter. Both wry
With the labored ease of loss.

Now she’s been dead nearly as many years
As that girl lived. And of this circumstance

There is nothing to say at all.
Its silence silences.

English Poem For Class 11 Competition – Poem 2

English Poem For Class 11


When did my childhood go?
Was it the day I ceased to be eleven,
Was it the time I realized that Hell and Heaven,

Could not be found in Geography,
And therefore could not be,
Was that the day?

When did my childhood go?
Was it the time I realized that adults were not
all they seemed to be,

They talked of love and preached of love,
But did not act so lovingly,
Was that the day?

When did my childhood go?
Was it when I found my mind was really mine,
To use whichever way I choose,

Producing thoughts that were not those of other people
But my own, and mine alone
Was that the day?

Where did my childhood go?
It went to some forgotten place,
That’s hidden in an infant’s face,
That’s all I know.

English Poem For Class 11 With Moral – Poem 3

English Poem For Class 11

Father to Son

I do not understand this child
Though we have lived together now
In the same house for years. I know
Nothing of him, so try to build
Up a relationship from how

The seed I spent or sown it where
The land is his and none of mine?
We speak like strangers, there’s no sign
Of understanding in the air.
This child is built to my design
Yet what he loves I cannot share.

Silence surrounds us. I would have
Him prodigal, returning to
His father’s house, the home he knew,
Rather than see him make and move
His world. I would forgive him too,
Shaping from sorrow a new love.

Father and son, we both must live
On the same globe and the same land,
He speaks: I cannot understand
Myself, why anger grows from grief.
We each put out an empty hand,
Longing for something to forgive.
He was when small. Yet have I killed

English Poem For Class 11 Students – Poem 4

English Poem For Class 11

The Laburnum Top

The Laburnum top is silent, quite still
In the afternoon yellow September sunlight,
A few leaves yellowing, all its seeds fallen.

Till the goldfinch comes, with a twitching chirrup
A suddenness, a startlement, at a branch end.
The sleek as a lizard, and alert, and abrupt,

She enters the thickness, and a machine starts up
Of chitterlings, and a tremor of wings, and trillings —
The whole tree trembles and thrills.

It is the engine of her family.
She stokes it fully, then flirts out to a branch-end
Showing her barred face identity mask

Then with eerie delicate whistle-chirrup whisperings
She launches away, toward the infinite
And the laburnum subsides to empty.

Short English Poem For Class 11

English Poem For Class 11


And who art thou? said I to the soft-falling shower,
Which, strange to tell, gave me an answer, as here translated:

I am the Poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain,
Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land and the bottomless sea,

Upward to heaven, whence, vaguely formed, altogether changed,
and yet the same,

I descend to leave the drouths, atomizes, dust-layers of the globe,
And all that in them without me were seeds only, latent, unborn;

And forever, by day and night, I give back life to my own
origin, and make pure and beautify it;

(For a song, issuing from its birth-place, after fulfillment, wander-

I think you all like these Hindi Poems for Class 11 Students. Comment below if you want more like this. I add more poems and also provide you with classroom-type poems in one place which is the website.

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