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5+ English Poem For Class 5 For Students Competition

Here, I add English Poems For Class 5 students. If you are a class 5 student or any class 5 student’s parents then this will help you a lot to learn English poems for grade 5. I compile come best poems in the English language which drive your child into any other state of mind and grow him/her thinking. Poems are a very important part of studies as well as life.

Everyone wants to memorize poetry in English but no one does it and neither do their kids memorize it. But I believe that every child, even if he is a class 5 student, should remember the poem and it should be the duty of the parents to remind their children about it all.

English Poem For Class 5

English Poem For Class 5

This poem uses simple vocabulary and rhyming words, making it easy for second-grade students to understand and recite. It is also a fun and light-hearted poem that can be used to introduce students to the concept of poetry. So, These English poem helps every student with their moral knowledge.

English Poem For Class 5 With Poet Name – Poem 1

This Morning Is Our History Test

This Morning Is Our History Test

This morning is our history test.
I’ve pinned my notes inside my vest.
Inside my coat, I wrote my notes,
including dates and famous quotes.

I’ve written more upon my hand
that only I can understand,
and in my socks and sleeves, I stowed
my scribbled notes in secret code.

I’ve written down so many names
of winners of the Olympic games,
of buildings, people’s place too,
from Tennessee to Timbuktu.

I even copied down a piece
on ancient Rome and ancient Greece,
plus everything from Shakespeare’s plays
to who invented mayonnaise.

I came to school so well prepared.
I wasn’t nervous, wasn’t scared.
But here it is, the history test.
I look inside my coat and vest

to get the dates and famous quotes
and find I cannot read my notes.
So much for Shakespeare, Greece, and Rome.
I left my glasses back at home.

English Poem For Class 5 Competition – Poem 2

Homework Stew

Homework Stew

I cooked my math book in a broth
and stirred it to a steaming froth.
I threw in papers—pencils, too—
to make a pot of homework stew.
Homework Stew by Kenn Nesbitt

I turned the flame up nice and hot
and tossed my binder in the pot.
I sprinkled in my book report
with colored markers by the quart.

Despite its putrid, noxious gas,
I proudly took my stew to class.
And though the smell was so grotesque,
I set it on my teacher’s desk.

My teacher said, “You’re quite a chef.
But, still, you’re going to get an F.
I didn’t ask for ‘homework stew,’
I said, ‘Tomorrow, homework’s due.’”

English Poem For Class 5 With Moral – Poem 3

I Have to Write a Poem

I Have to Write a Poem

I have to write a poem
but I really don’t know how.
So maybe I’ll just make a rhyme
with something dumb, like “cow.”

Okay, I’ll write about a cow,
but that’s so commonplace.
I think I’ll have to make her be…
a cow from outer space!

My cow will need a helmet
and a space suit and a ship.
Of course, she’ll keep a blaster
in the holster on her hip.

She’ll hurtle through the galaxy
on meteoric flights
to battle monkey aliens
in huge karate fights.

She’ll duel with laser sabers
while avoiding lava spray
to vanquish evil emperors
and always save the day.

I hope the teacher likes my tale,
“Amazing Astro Cow.”
Yes, that’s the poem I will write
as soon as I learn how.

English Poem For Class 5 Students – Poem 4

Ice-Cream Man

Ice-Cream Man

When summer’s in the city,
And brick’s a blaze of heat,
The Ice-cream Man with his little cart

Goes trundling down the street.
Beneath his round umbrella,
Oh, what a joyful sight,

To see him fill the cones with mounds
Of cooling brown and white:
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,

Or chilly things to drink
From bottles full of frosty fizz,
Green, orange, white, or pink.

His cart might be a flower bed,
Of roses and sweet peas,
The way the children cluster round
As thick as honeybees.

Short English Poem For Class 5

English Poem For Class 5

The Lazy Frog

Fred is a very lazy frog
Who lolls all day upon a log.
He always manages to shirk

Doing a single stroke of work.
His poor old mother calls in vain
“Come in and help!” he does not bother

To move two inches, much preferring
To be extremely hard of hearing.
He lies there in a silent heap,

And stays conveniently asleep.
f a lady frog hops past
You’d think he would get up at last

To bow, and help her on her way?
But no, I am ashamed to say
That when a lady frog comes by
He does not open up one eye!

Nobodys Friend

Nobody’s Friend

She had some sweets that she wouldn’t share,
She had a book that she wouldn’t lend,
She wouldn’t let anyone play with her doll,

She’s nobody’s friend!
He had some toffee, and ate every bit,
He had a tricycle he wouldn’t lend,

He never let anyone play with his train,
He’s nobody’s friend!
But I’ll share all of my sweets with you,

My ball and my books and my games I will lend,
Here’s half my apple and half my cake
– I’m your friend!

I think you all like these Hindi Poems for Class 5 Students. Comment below if you want more like this. I add more poems and also provide you with classroom-type poems in one place which is the website.

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