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5+ English Poem For Class 7 For Students Competition

Here, I add English Poems For Class 7 students. If you are a class 7 student or any class 7 student’s parents then this will help you a lot to learn English poems for grade 7. I compile come best poems in the English language which drive your child into any other state of mind and grow him/her thinking. Poems are a very important part of studies as well as life.

Everyone wants to memorize poetry in English but no one does it and neither do their kids memorize it. But I believe that every child, even if he is a class 7 student, should remember the poem and it should be the duty of the parents to remind their children about it all.

English Poem For Class 7

This poem uses simple vocabulary and rhyming words, making it easy for second-grade students to understand and recite. It is also a fun and light-hearted poem that can be used to introduce students to the concept of poetry. So, These English poem helps every student with their moral knowledge.

English Poem For Class 7 With Poet Name – Poem 1

English Poem For Class 7

Dad and the Cat and the Tree

This morning a cat got
Stuck in our tree.
Dad said, “Right, just
Leave it to me.”

The tree was wobbly,
The tree was tall.
Mum said, “For goodness’
Sake don’t fall!”

“Fall?” scoffed Dad,
“A climber like me?
Child’s play, this is!
You wait and see.”

He got out the ladder
From the garden shed.
It slipped. He landed
In the flower bed.

“Never mind,” said Dad,
Brushing the dirt
Off his hair and his face
And his trousers and his shirt,

“We’ll try Plan B. Stand
Out of the way!”
Mum said, “Don’t fall
Again, O.K.?”

“Fall again?” said Dad.
“Funny joke!”
Then he swung himself up
On a branch. It broke.

Dad landed wallop
Back on the deck.
Mum said, “Stop it,
You’ll break your neck!”

“Rubbish!” said Dad.
“Now we’ll try Plan C.
Easy as winking
To a climber like me!”

Then he climbed up high
On the garden wall.
Guess what?
He didn’t fall!

He gave a great leap
And he landed flat
In the crook of the tree trunk —
Right on the cat!

The cat gave a yell
And sprang to the ground,
Pleased as Punch to be
Safe and sound.

So it’s smiling and smirking,
Smug as can be,
But poor old Dad’s


English Poem For Class 7 Competition – Poem 2

English Poem For Class 7


Trees are for birds.
Trees are for children.
Trees are to make tree houses.

Trees are to swing swings on.
Trees are for the wind to blow through.
Trees are to hide behind in ‘Hide and Seek.’

Trees are to have tea parties under.
Trees are for kites to get caught in.
Trees are to make cool shade in summer.

Trees are to make no shade in winter.
Trees are for apples to grow on, and pears;
Trees are to chop down and call, “TIMBER-R-R!”

Trees make mothers say,
“What a lovely picture to paint!”
Trees make fathers say,
“What a lot of leaves to rake this fall !”

English Poem For Class 7 With Moral – Poem 3

English Poem For Class 7

The Shed

There’s a shed at the bottom of our garden
With a spider’s web hanging across the door,
The hinges are rusty and creak in the wind.
When I’m in bed I lie and I listen,
I’ll open that door one day.

There’s a dusty old window around at the side
With three cracked panes of glass,
I often think there’s someone staring at me
Each time that I pass,
I’ll peep through that window one day.

My brother says there’s a ghost in the shed
Who hides under the rotten floorboards,
And if I ever dare to set foot inside
He’ll jump out and chop off my head,
But I’ll take a peek one day.

I know that there isn’t really a ghost,
My brother tells lies to keep the shed for his den;
There isn’t anyone staring or making strange noises
And the spider has been gone from his web
since I don’t know when,
I’ll go into that shed one day soon,

But not just yet…

English Poem For Class 7 Students – Poem 4

English Poem For Class 7


Grown-ups say things like:
Speak up
Don’t talk with your mouth full
Don’t stare
Don’t point
Don’t pick your nose

Sit up
Say please
Less noise
Shut the door behind you
Don’t drag your feet
Haven’t you got a hankie?
Take your hands out of
your pockets

Pull your socks up
Stand up straight
Say thank you
Don’t interrupt
No one thinks you’re funny
Take your elbows off the table

Can’t you make your own
mind up about anything?

Short English Poem For Class 7

English Poem For Class 7

“The Squirrel”

He wore a question mark for the tail,
An overcoat of gray,

He sat up straight to eat a nut.
He liked to tease and play,

And if we ran around his tree,
He went the other way.

English Poem For Class 7

Mystery of the Talking Fan

Once there was a talking fan —
Electrical his chatter.

I couldn’t quite hear what he said
And I hope it doesn’t matter

Because one day somebody oiled
His little whirling motor

And all the mystery was spoiled —
He ran as still as water.

I think you all like these Hindi Poems for Class 7 Students. Comment below if you want more like this. I add more poems and also provide you with classroom-type poems in one place which is the website.

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