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5+ English Poem For Class 9 For Students Competition

Welcome, everyone! Today, I’d like to delve into the fascinating world of English poems for Class 9 students. Poetry is a timeless art form that has the power to captivate, inspire, and move us. For Class 9 students, studying English poems is a great way to expand their literary knowledge and skills, and deepen their understanding of the English language.

From classic poems to contemporary works, there is a wealth of material for students to explore and discover. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, I hope this blog post will provide you with valuable insights into the world of English poetry for Class 9, and inspire you to start your own journey of discovery and growth in this exciting and captivating genre. So, let’s get started!

English Poem For Class 9

Here, I add English Poems For Class 9 students. If you are a class 9 student or any class 9 student’s parents then this will help you a lot to learn English poems for grade 9. I compile come best poems in the English language which drive your child into any other state of mind and grow him/her thinking. Poems are a very important part of studies as well as life.

English Poem For Class 9 With Poet Name – Poem 1

English Poem For Class 9

“A Legend of the Northland”

Away, away in the Northland,
Where the hours of the day are few,
And the nights are so long in winter
That they cannot sleep them through;

Where they harness the swift reindeer
To the sledges, when it snows;
And the children look like bear’s cubs
In their funny, furry clothes:

They tell them a curious story —
I don’t believe ’tis true;
And yet you may learn a lesson
If I tell the tale to you.

Once, when the good Saint Peter
Lived in the world below,
And walked about it, preaching,
Just as he did, you know,

He came to the door of a cottage,
In travelling round the earth,
Where a little woman was making cakes,
And baking them on the hearth;

And being faint with fasting,
For the day was almost done,
He asked her, from her store of cakes,
To give him a single one.

So she made a very little cake,
But as it baking lay,
She looked at it, and thought it seemed
Too large to give away.

Therefore she kneaded another,
And still a smaller one;
But it looked, when she turned it over,
As large as the first had done.

Then she took a tiny scrap of dough,
And rolled and rolled it flat;
And baked it thin as a wafer —
But she couldn’t part with that.

For she said, “My cakes that seem too small
When I eat of them myself
Are yet too large to give away.”
So she put them on the shelf.

Then good Saint Peter grew angry,
For he was hungry and faint;
And surely such a woman
Was enough to provoke a saint.

And he said, “You are far too selfish
To dwell in a human form,
To have both food and shelter,
And fire to keep you warm.

Now, you shall build as the birds do,
And shall get your scanty food
By boring, and boring, and boring,
All day in the hard, dry wood.”

Then up she went through the chimney,
Never speaking a word,
And out of the top flew a woodpecker,
For she was changed to a bird.

She had a scarlet cap on her head,
And that was left the same;
But all the rest of her clothes were burned
Black as a coal in the flame.

And every country schoolboy
Has seen her in the wood,
Where she lives in the trees till this very day,
Boring and boring for food.

English Poem For Class 9 Competition – Poem 2

English Poem For Class 9

Rain on the Roof

When the humid shadows hover
Over all the starry spheres
And the melancholy darkness
Gently weeps in rainy tears,

What a bliss to press the pillow
Of a cottage-chamber bed
And lie listening to the patter
Of the soft rain overhead!

Every tinkle on the shingles
Has an echo in the heart;
And a thousand dreamy fancies
Into busy being start,

And a thousand recollections
Weave their air threads into woof,
As I listen to the patter
Of the rain upon the roof.

Now in memory comes my mother,
As she used in years agone,
To regard the darling dreamers
Ere she left them till the dawn:

O! I feel her fond look on me
As I listen to this refrain
Which is played upon the shingles
By the patter of the rain.

English Poem For Class 9 With Moral – Poem 3

English Poem For Class 9


Wind, come softly.
Don’t break the shutters of the windows.
Don’t scatter the papers.
Don’t throw the books on the shelf.
There, look what you did — you threw them all down.
You tore the pages of the books.
You brought rain again.

You’re very clever at poking fun at weaklings.
Frail crumbling houses, crumbling doors, crumbling rafters,
crumbling wood, crumbling bodies, crumbling lives,
crumbling hearts —
the wind god winnows and crushes them all.

He won’t do what you tell him.
So, come, let’s build strong homes,
Let’s join the doors firmly.
Practice firming the body.
Make the heart steadfast.
Do this, and the wind will be friends with us.

The wind blows out weak fires.
He makes strong fires roar and flourish.
His friendship is good.
We praise him every day.

English Poem For Class 9 Students – Poem 4

English Poem For Class 9

No Men Are Foreign

Remember, no men are strange, no countries foreign
Beneath all uniforms, a single body breathes
Like ours: the land our brothers walk upon
Is earth like this, in which we all shall lie?

They, too, aware of the sun and air and water,
Are fed by peaceful harvests, by war’s long winter starved.
Their hands are ours, and in their lines, we read
A labor not different from our own.

Remember they have eyes like ours that wake
Or sleep, and strength that can be won
By love. In every land is a common life
That all can recognize and understand.

Let us remember, whenever we are told
To hate our brothers, it is ourselves
That we shall dispossess, betray, condemn.
Remember, we who take arms against each other

It is the human earth that we defile.
Our hells of fire and dust outrage the innocence
Of air that is everywhere our own,
Remember, no men are foreign, and no countries are strange.

Short English Poem For Class 9

English Poem For Class 9

The Snake Trying

The snake tried
to escape the pursuing stick,
with sudden curvings of a thin
long body. How beautiful

and graceful are his shapes!
He glides through the water away
from the stroke. O let him go
over the water

into the reeds to hide
without hurt. Small and green
he is harmless even to children.
Along the sand,

he lay until observed
and chased away, and now
he vanishes in the ripples
among the green slim reeds.

English Poem For Class 9

A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

A slumber did my spirit seal—
I had no human fears.

She seemed a thing that could not feel
The touch of earthly years.

No motion has she now, no force—
She neither hears nor sees,

Rolled round in earth’s diurnal course
With rocks and stones and trees.

I think you all like these Hindi Poems for Class 9 Students. Comment below if you want more like this. I add more poems and also provide you with classroom-type poems in one place which is the website.

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