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English Story For Class 4 Students

Hi, Here I add 5+ English Story For Class 4 students in this post. I know all of you getting homework to complete your task or you may learn something new through the story. So, these stories enhance your thinking of mind and also give you a moral lesson.

Hello, and welcome to this blog post about English stories for Class 4 students! Stories have the power to capture our imagination, teach us important lessons, and take us on adventures to far-off lands. For Class 4 students, learning English through stories can be a fun and engaging way to develop their language skills, as well as their love of reading and writing.

Whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, I hope this blog post provides you with valuable insight into the world of English Stories for Class 4 and inspires you to begin your own journey of discovery and growth in this exciting and engaging genre. So let’s know about these very short English stories.

English Story For Class 4

English Story For Class 4

  1. The Fox and the Grapes
English Story For Class 4

On a hot summer day, a fox wandered into the woods looking for something to eat. He was very hungry and was desperately in search of food. He searched everywhere, but could not find anything to eat. His stomach was rumbling and his search was on. Soon they reached a vineyard laden with luscious grapes. The fox looked here and there to see if it was safe from the hunters. There was no one around, so he decided to steal some grapes.

He kept jumping higher and higher, but he could not reach the grapes. The grapes were too high but he refused to give up. The fox jumped high in the air to catch the grapes in its mouth but missed. He tried once more but missed again. He tried several times, but could not reach her. It was getting dark and the fox was getting angry. His leg was hurt, so he finally gave up. As he proceeded, he added, “I bet the grapes were sour anyway.”

English Story For Class 4 Students

2. The Ant and the Grasshopper

English Story For Class 4

Once upon a time, there were two best friends – an ant and a grasshopper. Grasshopper liked to relax and play his guitar all day. However, the ant will work hard all day. He would gather food from all corners of the garden while the grasshopper rested, played his guitar, or slept. The grasshopper would ask the ant to rest every day, but the ant would refuse and go on doing its work. Winter soon came; The days and nights became cold and very few creatures came out.

On a cold winter day, a colony of ants was busy drying some grains of corn. The half-dead grasshopper, cold and hungry, came to the ant who was his friend and asked for a piece of corn. The ant replied, “We work hard day and night to collect and store the corn so that we don’t die of hunger during the cold days.” Why should we give it to you? The ant further asked, “What were you doing last summer? You should have collected and stored some food. As I told you before.

“I was too busy singing and sleeping,” said the grasshopper.

The ant replied, “As far as I am concerned, you can sing the whole winter. You will get nothing from us.” Happened.

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English Story For Class 4 Competiton

3. The Bear and Two Friends

English Story For Class 4

One day, two best friends were walking a lonely and dangerous path through a forest. As the sun began to set, they were scared but held on to each other. Suddenly, he saw a bear on his way. One of the boys went to a nearby tree and climbed it in one fell swoop. The other boy did not know how to climb the tree himself, so he lay down on the ground, pretending to be dead. The bear knelt on the ground beside the boy and sniffed around his head. Whispering something in the boy’s ear, the bear went on its way. The boy climbed the tree and asked his friend what the bear had said in his ear. She replied, “Don’t trust friends who don’t care about you.”

English Story Telling For Class 4

4. Friends Forever

English Story For Class 4

Once upon a time, there lived a mouse and a frog, who were best friends. Every morning, the frog came out of the pond to visit the mouse, who lived inside the hole in the tree. He would spend time with the mouse and go back home. One day, the frog realized that he was making a lot of effort to meet the mouse but the mouse never came to meet him in the pond. This enraged him and he decided to set everything right by taking her to his home by force.

When the mouse was not looking, the frog tied a string to the mouse’s tail and tied the other end to his own leg, and hopped away. The mouse started dragging with him. Then the frog jumped into the pond for a swim. However, when he looked back, he saw that the rat was beginning to sink and was struggling to breathe! The frog quickly untied the string with its tail and carried it to the shore. The Frog was deeply saddened to see the mouse with its eyes barely open and immediately regretted having dragged it into the pond.

English Story For Class 4 With Moral

6. The Elephant and Her Friends

English Story For Class 4

Once upon a time, a lonely elephant entered an unknown jungle. It was new to her, and she was looking to make friends. She went to a monkey and said, “Hello monkey! Would you like to be my friend?” The monkey said, “You are too big to swing like me, so I cannot be your friend.” The elephant went to the rabbit again and asked the same question. The rabbit said, “You are too big to fit my bill, so I cannot be your friend.” Elephants also went to the frog in the pond and asked the same question. The frog replied, “You are too heavy to jump as high as me, so I cannot be your friend.”

The elephant was really sad because he could not make friends. Then, one day, he saw all the animals running around in the thick forest, and he asked a bear what was all this happening. The bear said, “The lion is open – they are running away from him to save themselves.” The elephant went to the lion and said, “Please don’t hurt these innocent people. Please leave them alone.” The lion scoffed and asked the elephant to step aside. He injured her by pushing her with all her might. All the other animals slowly came out and rejoiced at the lion’s defeat. They went up to the elephant and said to him, “You are just the right size to be our friend!”

Short English Story For Class 4

6. The Woodcutter and the Golden Axe

English Story For Class 4

Once a woodcutter was working hard in the forest and was fetching wood to sell for some food. While he was chopping a tree, his ax accidentally fell into the river. The river was deep and flowing very fast – he lost his ax and could not find it again. He started crying sitting on the bank of the river.

While he was crying, the river god got up and asked him what had happened. The woodcutter told him the story. The god of the river offered to help him in his search for the axe. He disappeared into the river and retrieved a golden axe, but the woodcutter said it was not his. He then disappeared and returned with a silver axe, but the woodcutter said it was not his either. The god again disappeared into the water and came back with an iron axe—the woodcutter smiled and said it was his. The god was impressed by the woodcutter’s honesty and presented him with axes of gold and silver.

Stories in English for Class 4 PDF

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In conclusion, the English story for Class 4 students is an important and valuable tool to develop language skills and foster a love of reading and writing. With their simple language and engaging themes, these stories are perfect for young learners who are just starting to explore the world of English.

Whether they are exploring classic tales like ‘Greedy Jackal’ or discovering new adventures in their own imaginations, Class 4 students will find many opportunities to grow and learn through stories in English. As you come to the end of this blog post, I hope you feel inspired and motivated to start your own journey of discovery in this exciting and captivating genre. Thank you for reading!

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