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English Story For Class 6 Students

Hi, Here I add 5+ English Story For Class 6 students in this post. I know all of you getting homework to complete your task or you may learn something new through the story. So, these stories enhance your thinking of mind and also give you a moral lesson.

Hello, and welcome to this blog post about English stories for Class 6 students! Stories have the power to capture our imagination, teach us important lessons, and take us on adventures to far-off lands. For Class 6 students, learning English through stories can be a fun and engaging way to develop their language skills, as well as their love of reading and writing.

Whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, I hope this blog post provides you with valuable insight into the world of English Stories for Class 6 and inspires you to begin your own journey of discovery and growth in this exciting and engaging genre. So let’s know about these very short English stories.

English Story For Class 6

English Story For Class 6

  1. The king and the spider

King Robert the Bruce of Scotland was a brave and courageous man. Once he was badly defeated by the English army. His army got scattered and he hid in a cave. He was extremely sad about the defeat and did not know what to do. One day he was lying there in the cave. He saw a spider trying to reach its web. It repeatedly tried to reach the roof of the cave but could not succeed in its mission. The spider tried hard but could not reach its web. The king thought that the spider would not try anymore. But to his surprise, the spider made another attempt.

This time it was successful in reaching its trap. This successful attempt by the spider gave the king new hope and courage. He said to himself, “If a small insect-like spider can succeed by trying again and again, I can also succeed by trying again and again”. The king came out of the cave, gathered his troops, and fought a decisive battle against the English army. This time he got successful and drove the English army out of his kingdom.

English Story For Class 6 Students

2. The lamb and the wolf

English Story For Class 6

Once upon a time, a wolf felt very thirsty. He went to a stream to quench his thirst. While the wolf was drinking water at the stream, he saw a lamb drinking at the bottom of the stream at some distance. His mouth watered at the sight of the lamb. The wolf wanted to kill the lamb. So he made up his mind to eat that lamb. The wolf killed with an excuse. He said to the lamb, “Why are you dirtying the water?” The lamb replied, “Sir how is this possible? The stream flows from you to me, not from me to you.”

The wolf again said, “Why did you abuse me last year? , then Deepak replied, “Sir I was not born last year because I am 6 months old.” When the wolf could not find an excuse, it ran toward the lamb. “Then it must be your father or mother.” Saying this he pounced on the lamb and tore it into pieces.

English Story For Class 6 Competiton

3. The Trick of a Jackal

English Story For Class 6

Once upon a time, there was a kind man. He was passing through a forest. He found a tiger in the trap. Tiger asks her for help to get out. He took pity on her and set her free. When the tiger came out it growled and threw it down. He reminded him of his help and said that the tiger was ungrateful. This made the tiger twitch. The tiger suggested that someone decide whether the men were ungrateful or the tiger. They went to a Peepal tree, which decided in favor of the tiger. Then they went to the bull. supported the decision of the people. After this, they reached a jackal.

The final verdict was to be pronounced. The jackal listened to them and expressed surprise that a big animal like a tiger could not fit in that small cage. The tiger jumped into the cage to prove his point. The jackal immediately closed the door of the cage. The man thanked the jackal and left.

English Story Telling For Class 6

4. A Good Boy

English Story For Class 6

An old woman wanted to cross the road. She was weak. That’s why she wanted help. He waited a long time. She waited alone.

He saw a large number of schoolchildren. They were laughing and talking. They were going home. So they were happy. His eyes fell on the old woman. He didn’t help her. They kept on walking.

But a boy went to the old lady. He said to her, “Mom! Do you want to cross the road? I will help you. I will take you to the other side.”

The boy helped the old woman. He took her on the road. He did a good job. He was happy. He said, “I helped someone’s mother. So, someone will help my mother in her old age.

“Dear Lord! Have mercy on this good boy,” said the old lady in her prayer.

English Story For Class 6 With Moral

5. The Peacock and the Crane

English Story For Class 6

There was a peacock who often boasted of his beauty.

Every day he would walk to the shore of a large lake and look at his own reflections and say “Oh! What a beautiful bird I am! Look at my colorful tail”.

Once the peacock saw a stork on the bank of the lake.

He mocked the heron and said, “You are such a colorless bird! You don’t have beautiful and colorful feathers like me.”

The heron replied, “Of course! I don’t have beautiful wings. But, my wings can fly me across the lake. Can your wings fly you?”

There was no answer from Mor.

Short English Story For Class 6

6. The Farmer and The Golden Duck

English Story For Class 6

Once upon a time, a farmer lived with his wife in their cottage. He had a goose that laid a golden egg every day. The farmer and his wife were very happy with this. Every morning the wife would go out with her basket to collect all the eggs from the hens and calves. But with time, they started getting greedy. He wondered if the process could be sped up. He was very upset that he was getting only one golden egg per day.

They were surprised that if the duck is laying golden eggs, then surely its interior would also be of gold! They imagined that they would become rich because they would get all the gold at once. So, they caught the poor bird and killed it. Alas, upon opening it, they found no gold, and inside the swan were the same as any other bird.

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In conclusion, the English story for Class 6 students is an important and valuable tool to develop language skills and foster a love of reading and writing. With their simple language and engaging themes, these stories are perfect for young learners who are just starting to explore the world of English.

Whether they are exploring classic tales like ‘Greedy Jackal’ or discovering new adventures in their own imaginations, Class 6 students will find many opportunities to grow and learn through stories in English. As you come to the end of this blog post, I hope you feel inspired and motivated to start your own journey of discovery in this exciting and captivating genre. Thank you for reading!

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