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English Story For Class 8 Students

Hi, Here I add 5+ English Story For Class 8 students in this post. I know all of you getting homework to complete your task or you may learn something new through the story. So, these stories enhance your thinking of mind and also give you a moral lesson.

Hello, and welcome to this blog post about English stories for Class 8 students! Stories have the power to capture our imagination, teach us important lessons, and take us on adventures to far-off lands. For Class 8 students, learning English through stories can be a fun and engaging way to develop their language skills, as well as their love of reading and writing.

Whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, I hope this blog post provides you with valuable insight into the world of English Stories for Class 8 and inspires you to begin your own journey of discovery and growth in this exciting and engaging genre. So let’s know about these very short English stories.

English Story For Class 8

English Story For Class 8

  1. A Foolish Monkey
English Story For Class 8

There were some fishermen on the bank of the river. They were making nets to catch the fish. After preparing the net, as soon as they put their net in the river, many fish got trapped in the net.

All the fishermen were very happy to see this.

He repeated the same thing, but this time he saw that there was no fish in the net, so he decided to rest for some time and went away from the river.

There was a coconut tree on the bank of the river on which a monkey was sitting watching all the activities of those fishermen. He also thought of doing the same thing which was being done by those fishermen. As soon as he started doing so he got caught in the net and started drowning in the river.

When the fishermen saw some activities on the banks of the river, they ran towards the river and saw that a monkey was trapped in the net. Seeing this, he took the monkey out of the trap and saved his life.

English Story For Class 8 Students

2. A Conceited Lioness

English Story For Class 8

A lion and a lioness lived together in a forest. He had a child. They loved each other very much. The lion was intelligent and polite to other animals.

Whenever there was a fight between two animals, it was the lion who went to settle the dispute. But, the lioness was very proud and always put other animals down. That’s why no animal liked him.

One day the lion went out somewhere and the lioness’s cub was lost, which made the lioness very upset.

She started looking for it. Whenever she asked the other animal about its child, she got no answer. As a result, she deeply regretted it and wept.

Then, one of the animals told him that his child was playing near the pond. She ran away and was happy to see her child there.

She came back to all the animals and apologized to them for her rude behavior. The story teaches us that we should never be arrogant or humiliate our people

English Story For Class 8 Competiton

3. The Fruit of Hard Work

English Story For Class 8

A very knowledgeable scholar lived in a village. He was about 90 years old.

He knew the mantra to control people, but he was worried about telling that mantra to someone who would never misuse it. So he called some sober and intelligent boys of that village.

He told them that whoever would be successful in the task given to them, he would tell them the mantra to subdue people and they could use it in future whenever they felt any trouble.

All the boys were very excited and ready for the task. The pundit said, “Whoever does penance with me without eating or drinking anything for seven days, I will tell him that mantra.” All the boys tried their best, but only one boy was successful in doing so because his will was very strong.

Consequently, the pundit recited that mantra to the boy and appreciated his will power.

English Story Telling For Class 8

4. A Greedy Shopkeeper

English Story For Class 8

In a village, a shopkeeper used to sell his fruits at very high prices, which made him a lot of profit. But, he was not happy with it as he wanted to earn more profits.

So he thought of doing wrong. Whenever a customer came to buy fruits from him, he cleverly reduced the weight of each fruit by 150 grams. Now, he was making more money. One day his friend came to buy some fruits from him and he did the same to him.

When his friend got suspicious, the shopkeeper told him that it was his illusion.

His friend went to another shop and saw the weight of those fruits. They found that the weight of the fruits decreased by 150 grams. As a result, he came back to his friend’s shop and scolded him for his dishonesty in front of the other customers, much to his embarrassment.

Now other customers standing at his shop also left without taking fruits from him.

English Story For Class 8 With Moral

5. Silly Monkey

English Story For Class 8

Some fishermen were doing their daily work on the banks of the river. They were casting their nets in the river and waiting for the fish to be caught.

After some time both of them decided to take a break from work for some time. They left their nets on the shore and went a short distance from the shore to have lunch.

There was a tree on whose branch a monkey was watching all these activities of the fishermen with great surprise. He was very keen to copy those movements.

The monkey got a chance when the fishermen left. He got down from the tree and tried to do what the fishermen had done. But as soon as he touched the net, he got trapped in it.

His life was in danger. He started drowning. Trying to save his life, he shouted, “I got what I was a part of. I shouldn’t have tried fishing without learning.”

Short English Story For Class 8

6. A Deer Chasing a Lion

English Story For Class 8

Once upon a time, a dog and a deer were having food. They were enjoying a lot with each other.

Suddenly he saw a lion coming towards him.

As soon as the dog’s eyes fell on the lion, it started barking loudly. Hearing the loud sound of the dog, the lion got scared and went away. Seeing the whole incident, the deer thought of playing a joke with the lion and started chasing him.

The deer followed the lion for a long distance, but a time came when the dog’s voice stopped being heard. As a result, the lion retreated and clawed at the deer.

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In conclusion, the English story for Class 8 students is an important and valuable tool to develop language skills and foster a love of reading and writing. With their simple language and engaging themes, these stories are perfect for young learners who are just starting to explore the world of English.

Whether they are exploring classic tales like ‘Greedy Jackal’ or discovering new adventures in their own imaginations, Class 8 students will find many opportunities to grow and learn through stories in English. As you come to the end of this blog post, I hope you feel inspired and motivated to start your own journey of discovery in this exciting and captivating genre. Thank you for reading!

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