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Friendship Moral Stories in English Friendship Story

What is friendship.. A friend becomes a very special relationship for any person’s life, which is a useful relationship in our dry sorrow and sees us being right, this is such a relationship that we make with you. and befriend them.

Friendship Moral Stories

Friendship Moral Stories in English

  1. Rocks And Sand

Once two best friends were crossing a desert. Then suddenly there is a dispute between them about something, the dispute between them increases so much that one friend gets angry and slaps his friend.

This thing sits in the mind of the other friend that his own friend slapped him on a small matter. And he writes on the sand with his finger – “Today my best friend slapped me hard on a small dispute”.

Since they could not leave each other and travel alone in the desert, they continued the journey and decided that the dispute would be settled once they reached their destination.

Now both started traveling without talking to each other, after walking some distance they saw a lake and they decided to refresh themselves by bathing in that lake.

On the other side of the lake there was a very dangerous swamp which could not be seen. The friend who got slapped swam across the lake, because there was a swamp, so he got stuck there and started drowning.

When his friend saw that his friend was drowning, he also immediately swam to him and tried to save him, after a lot of effort he saved him and brought him to the shore.

Then the one who survived wrote on a big stone on the bank of the lake – “Today my dear friend saved my life”. Then another friend saw him writing on the stone and asked – “When I slapped you, you wrote it on the sand” whereas when I saved your life, you wrote it on the stone, I could not understand that you Why are you writing

Then the friend replied, when someone hurts us or hurts us, we should write it on the sand because the wind of time and forgiveness cannot erase it.

But when someone treats us well or treats us well, we should write it on a stone where no one can erase it and remember it forever.

Friendship is a feeling that happens to a person and becomes like a best friend forever.

2. Friendship and Trust

Sohan and Mohan, two friends who had gone on a foreign trip, were passing through a forest. There is often fear of wild animals in the forest. Sohan feared that he might encounter a wild animal.

He said to Mohan, “Friend! There must be wild animals in this forest. If an animal attacks us, what shall we do?”

Sohan said, “Friend, don’t be afraid. I am with you. No matter what the danger may come, I will not leave your side. Together we will face every difficulty.”

While talking like this, he was moving forward that suddenly a bear appeared in front of him. Both the friends got scared. The bear started moving towards them. Sohan immediately climbed a tree in shock. He thought that Mohan would also climb the tree. But Mohan did not know how to climb the tree. He stood down helplessly.

The bear started coming near him. Mohan started sweating out of fear. But even being afraid, he started thinking of a way to escape from the bear. While thinking, a solution came to his mind. He fell to the ground and, holding his breath, lay like a dead man.

The bear came closer. While roaming around Mohan, he started getting the scent of him. Sohan was watching all this from the tree. He saw that the bear was whispering something in Mohan’s ear. Whispering in the ear, the bear went away.

As soon as the bear left, Sohan got down from the tree. Mohan also remained standing till then. Sohan asked Mohan, “Friend! When you were lying on the ground, I saw the bear whispering something in your ear. Was he saying anything?”

“Yeah, the bear told me never to trust such a friend, then run away leaving him alone in trouble.”

Some trouble has come upon you and your friends do not support you, they are not friends.

3. Friendship and Wealth

Two friends named Ram and Ravi lived in a village. Ram was from a rich family and Ravi was from a poor family. Despite the difference in status, the two were close friends. Going to school together, playing, eating and drinking, talking. Most of their time was spent with each other.

Time passed and both grew up. Ram takes over the family business and Ravi gets a small job. After the burden of responsibilities came on the head, it was not possible for both to spend time with each other as before. Whenever I get a chance, I definitely get it.

One day Ram came to know that Ravi was ill. He came to her house to meet her. After inquiring about his condition, Ram did not stay there for long. He took out some money from his pocket and handed it over to Ravi and went back.

Ravi felt very sad on this behavior of Ram. But he didn’t say anything. After recovering, he worked very hard and arranged the money and returned Ram’s money.

Only a few days had passed when Ram fell ill. When Ravi came to know about Ram, he left his work and ran to Ram and stayed with him till he recovered.

This behavior of Ravi made Ram realize his mistake. He was filled with guilt. One day he went to Ravi’s house and apologized to him for his actions and said, “Friend! Way. I am very ashamed of my actions. Forgive me.

Ravi hugs Ram and says, “No problem friend. I am glad you have realized that money is not important in friendship, but love and care for each other is what matters.”

If someone becomes your friend with your money, then it is not friendship, it means that he is not friends with you because of your money.

English Friendship Story

4. College Friendship

Such a big city and a college in one corner of this city, room no. All that in 12.

In the beginning everyone looked new and innocent. But as time went on, everyone did not lag behind in revealing their true selves. Some of these new and innocent people met me and the journey began.

Due to this trip, we met many more, slowly everyone started feeling a sense of belonging. Time passed and so did the day. But what was known at that time that all these new faces would come so close that they would be separated to such an extent that it would not be possible to come back.

To de-stress from the college routine, all of us would meet in the college canteen and one of us would be chosen to foot the canteen bills. Just like meeting everyone and celebrating birthdays and planning events at one place. All this created a new thread between us, which would force everyone to stay together.

Early in the morning they left for the lab with their bags and from there to the college teacher classmate class, it all became like a new family. Sometimes entering the practical lab would start the morning with great respect (humiliation). Putting ice cubes in everyone’s pockets in the lab Well, when one or two companions were involved in this respect, the heart would have been relieved.

Then after the lab, meeting at the college canteen and tea shop had become an important part of our life. So slowly the adventure-filled college life was coming to an end. Meanwhile in college the fresher’s party, farewell party and those radio commercials would give us a good opportunity to meet and spend time together.

When did the sense of belonging peak in this exciting time? Didn’t even realize it.

Now the time has changed to take farewell party instead of giving. Everyone had started preparing for this celebration long back. Everyone’s performance was good in the last celebration of this college. Finally the time has come when everyone said good bye to each other with moist eyes.

At that time everyone was happy and at the same time the eyes were moist.

When you go to college, you meet new people, you meet some good people, some bad people and some very special people.

5. I’Mpossible

Long time ago, there were two friends and they loved each other very much. Rahul was ten years old and Raj was seven years old, both always used to go for outing together.

It was a matter of one day both of them went out for a walk that they saw a well, both of them ran very fast to see it. Then what was it, both reached there and started peeping into the well. It was a very quiet place, where there was no one far and wide, only these two friends were there.

Both were peeping into the well when Rahul’s foot slipped and he fell into the well. Seeing Rahul falling into the well, Raj started shouting loudly and said, someone save Rahul. When no one came, Raj thought that Rahul would drown now, he saw a bucket tied with a rope next to the well.

He immediately threw that bucket into the well and said Rahul, catch it. Rahul also caught hold of that bucket and Raj started pulling the rope forcefully towards him and after a long time Rahul came out.

Then both of them hugged each other and said that they will tell this thing to everyone after going home. Then what was it, both came to the house and started telling everyone, what was it then, after listening to both of them, the whole neighborhood started laughing and said – Raj is so small, how can Rahul be saved.

There was a very old grandfather who was listening very carefully to the words of these two friends. When everyone became silent, he said, these boys are right. Everyone was surprised and started looking at Grandpa and said – How?

Then grandpa told that when Rahul was drowning there was no one far and wide and Raj understood that now only he can save Rahul and he also tried his best and finally succeeded. Happened too. Everyone was very happy listening to Dada ji and gave lots of love to Raj.

By making friendship, we feel that we do not know how the person in front will be and by telling this, we are scared and we start thinking a lot. But we can face that fear if we try

6. True Friends

The dream of two childhood friends was to grow up and serve the country by joining the army. Both of them fulfill their dream and join forces.

Very soon he also got the opportunity to serve the country. War broke out and he was sent to fight. Going there, both of them bravely faced the enemies.

A friend was badly injured in the fight. When the other friend came to know about this, he ran to save his injured friend. Then his captain stopped him and said, “There is no point in going there now. Your friend will be dead by the time you reach there.”

But he did not agree and went to pick up the injured friend. When he came back, he had a friend on his shoulder. But he was dead. Seeing this the captain said, “I told you there was no point in going there. You could not bring your friend safely. Your going was in vain.”

The soldier replied, “No sir, it was not in vain for me to pick him up. When I reached him, looking into my eyes, he smiled and said – Friend, I was sure you would definitely come. These were his last.” Word. I could not save her. But my faith and my friendship saved him. ,

Friendship should be very strong, it should be true and sweet.

7. Raju & Tinku

Tinku and Raju are very good friends and always hang out together. Once upon a time, Tinku and Raju went out to play together.

Raju said- I am tired of playing tennis every day, why not play a new game today.

Tinku said – Yes, I am also ripe, let’s play gilli-danda today.

Raju said- But the gilli-danda is at Tipu’s house, let’s go to his house.

Then both friends went towards Tipu’s house, on the way Tinku took two bananas from the fruit shop. By giving one banana to Raju, he kept the other banana for himself. After eating the banana, Raju threw the peeled dal in the dustbin, but Tinku himself threw the peel on the road.

Raju said – Hey Tinku, what have you done, why did you throw the banana peel on the road, who knows if someone’s foot slips on this peel, he will suffer a lot.

Tinku said – You are very concerned about the people, so pick up the peel and throw it, Raju became silent after hearing this.

He had just moved a few steps ahead that a cow was coming running from the front, seeing it coming towards him, both started walking opposite feet. While running, Raju stopped on the side of the road, Tinku also started turning, but then his foot hit the banana peel thrown by him and he fell down. The cow ran ahead but Tinku could not resist, Raju quickly went and picked up Tinku.

Raju said that he did not see the result of throwing the banana on Chilka Road, on which Tinku picked up the banana peel and threw it in the dustbin. Raju was very happy to see that Tinku realized his mistake.

There were two friends who stay together all the time and spend lovely time and can do anything for each other.

Friendship Moral Stories

Friendship Moral Stories

  1. Rocks And Sand
  2. Friendship and Wealth
  3. Friendship and Trust
  4. College Friendship
  5. I’Mpossible
  6. True Friends
  7. Raju & Tinku

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