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Indian Air Force Day Story in English

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Indian Air Force Day Story

The Air Force is also an integral part of the Indian Armed Forces. To prevent enemies from attacking the country from the sky, this army does the important work of air surveillance. Indian Air Force is considered to be the fourth largest air force in the world, which has more than 170000 soldiers and more than 1300 fighter aircraft. Today women also work in the Indian Air Force. For the first time in 1990, women were included in the armed forces.

Indian Air Force Day Story

The Indian Air Force is celebrating its 90th Raising Day (IAF Day) today on 8 October. This day is a day for every Indian citizen to be proud of the Indian Air Force, one of the most powerful air forces in the world. Actually, the Air Force was established on 8 October 1932, that is why Air Force Day is celebrated on 8 October every year. Every time on the occasion of Foundation Day, the Indian Air Force shows its power. Spectacular parades and grand air shows are organised. This time this program is being organized in Sukhna Lake complex of Chandgarh. This is the first time that the Air Force has decided to organize the annual Air Force Day parade and flypast outside Delhi-NCR. Around 80 military aircraft and helicopters will participate in the Air Force Day flypast. Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) Prachanda, Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas, Sukhoi, MiG-29, Jaguar, Rafale, IL-76, C-130J, Hawk, light helicopters Dhruv, Chinook, Apache and Mi-17 Fly helicopters. Will be part of the past.

Indian Air Force Day 2023

Indian Air Force Day is celebrated every year on 8 October. The main objective is to acknowledge the contribution of the Air Force to India’s security. Let us inform you that the Indian Air Force was established on 8 October 1932 and since then this force has been a part of many important and historical missions. Due to which the nation has achieved success. Indian Army Air Force has also fought many historical battles, which has greatly helped India in building a strong position on the battlefield. Let us tell you that Indian Air Force Day is celebrated to honor the aviation industry and the soldiers who sacrifice their lives for the security of the country.

Indian Air Force Day History

It took a lot of practice, dedication and hard work for the Indian Air Force to achieve battlefield proficiency. It is all because of the hard work and dedication of our brave soldiers that the Indian Air Force has been successful in its mission of becoming one of the strongest forces in the world. At that time it had 6 officers and 19 airmen trained by the RAF. It is said that the Indian Air Force was established as a unit of the British Empire’s Air Force. The word Royal was added to its name during World War II but was removed after independence in 1950. Indian Air Force was established on October 8, 1932, since then this day is celebrated as Air Force Day. On this occasion, the Air Force displays the feats of its special aircraft and soldiers. A spectacular parade and air show is organized on the occasion of Airforce Day.

The Indian Air Force has made Mother India proud many times by displaying its unique functioning and indomitable courage. The history of the Air Force is very old, in which the East India Company has also had a presence.

When the British captured India by adopting the policy of ‘divide and rule’, the Air Force was also established in the year 1932. To maintain their command in India, the British used to recruit into the army only those who fought on their behalf. The kind of patriotism that is seen in the Indian Army today is not found anywhere else.

These forces, established under the name of Royal Air Force, were established before the Second World War. With the help of the Indian Air Force, Britain had taken a lot of help in fighting the war against the Axis powers.

After this, when at the behest of the British Government, the lines dividing India were drawn under the leadership of Serial Radcliffe, the Indian Air Force was also involved in that. It is said that some groups of the Royal Indian Air Force were also merged into the Pakistan Air Force.

Shortly after independence, Pakistan started showing its true colours, due to which the Jammu and Kashmir dispute arose.

According to historical reports, it is said that when the last Dogra ruler of Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh had sought the help of Indian Air Force to stop the bloodshed and land grabbing by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir.

In return, the then Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel demanded to sign the Instrument of Accession, in which Jammu and Kashmir was to be made a state of India. Just a few hours after Hari Singh signed, Indian Air Force soldiers landed in Jammu and Kashmir and faced the Pakistani army.

Thus a big war broke out between India and Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir, due to which peace has not been established till date. It is said that the Indian Air Force had an important role in reaching the incident site on time.

Had there been any delay, the area of ‘Pak Occupied Kashmir’ occupied by Pakistan would have been slightly larger. In 1950, two years after independence, the Indian government removed the word Royal from the prefix Air Force.

The war that broke out between China and India in 1962 was the only exception that pointed fingers at the might of the Indian Air Force. Due to the mistake made by the Indian government in 1962, we had to lose Aksai Chin.

In the year 1965, Pakistan Air Force and Indian Air Force once again faced each other. This time, learning from history, the Indian government further strengthened its Air Force and fielded more and more numbers in war level.

Apart from Pakistan and China, Indian Air Force has also made a unique contribution to the independence of Bangladesh. In the year 1971, a total of 93,000 soldiers of Pakistani Army surrendered in Bangladesh due to fear of Indian forces, which remains a world record till date.

Indian Air Force also played an important role in this historic event. The Indian Air Force had completely destroyed the Karachi port of West Pakistan, after which several blasts were conducted by the Air Force on Pakistani forces in Chittagong in East Pakistan, today known as Bangladesh.

After this, in 1984, with the help of Operation Meghdoot, we hoisted the Indian tricolor on the Siachen Glacier and Pakistan had to face a crushing defeat. It is obvious that our country is no longer the old India when other enemy nations attack India’s identity and go away.

Now India responds to the enemies by entering their country. The whole world is surprised by the unique performance the Indian Air Force has done till date. Every Indian is very proud of its Air Force personnel.

Indian Air Force Day Significance

Indian Air Force Day is celebrated to honor the air warriors, this day fills the spirit of patriotism in every citizen. This day enhances the love for the nation and honors the efforts and sacrifices made by the armed forces. He also encourages the youth to dream of becoming a part of the force. Air Force Day holds a huge historical importance and also serves as a reminder of history. Air Force Day unites the country and brings together citizens to forget all discrimination and pay tribute to the Air Force.

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What is Indian Air Force Day?

The pride of India is the country’s armed forces, which are divided into three major branches. The Indian Army includes the Army, Navy and Air Force. Indian Air Force has conducted many important war operations till date.

The Air Force soldiers who protect the people of the country always give priority to their motherland. ‘Indian Air Force Day’ is celebrated every year to honor all the Air Force personnel who have sacrificed their lives for Indian pride, unity and security. The Air Force of our country is considered to be one of the strongest armies in the world.

When is Indian Air Force Day celebrated?

Although Indians sing patriotic songs throughout the year, but October 8 is a very special day for everyone because Indian Air Force Day is celebrated on this day. Every year the anniversary of the Air Force is celebrated in a very unique manner.

The chiefs of all three armies are present in it. Indian Defense Minister, Home Minister and other big leaders like the Prime Minister are present on Indian Air Force Day to witness the bravery of the soldiers.

On this important occasion, the brave soldiers of the Indian Air Force come together in a parade. Air Force personnel display their fighter jets and other aircraft and wave the Indian tricolor in the sky. On the day of Indian Air Force Day, apart from India’s national channel Doordarshan, the parade is shown on other TV channels also.

All the new weapons that are imported for the Air Force for security are also included in today’s special programme. The Indian Air Force has become so strong today, that now countries like Pakistan and China will think a thousand times before carrying out any attack.

First of all, the program starts with the national anthem, after which the Prime Minister addresses the nation regarding the Indian Air Force. On the day of Indian Air Force Day, patriotic programs are organized at all the major Air Force bases of the country to demonstrate bravery.

Importance of Indian Air Force

With the help of airplanes, the Air Force performs the important work of air security and air patrolling for the country. In 1990, women also decided to join the Air Force and women contributed a lot in the Indian Air Force.

In 2020, on 8 October, the 88th anniversary of the Indian Air Force was celebrated with full enthusiasm and pride across the country.

All the soldiers in the Indian Air Force are very good, honest and personnel and efforts are being made to bring fighter planes, its main objective is to keep the Indian airspace safe.

Before independence, it wanted to be known as Royal Indian Air Force, whereas after independence, its name was changed from Royal Indian Force to simply Indian Force.

The Royal Indian Force played a very important role in the Second World War of 1945. The Air Force has made a very important contribution in the security and development of the country.

The Air Force also performs well the responsibility of protecting the approximately 24000 km international border in India. Whenever there has been a crisis on India’s border or there has been an attack by other countries, the Indian Air Force has been seen as a divine power.

Air Marshal Subroto Mukherjee took charge as a member of the Air Force on 1 April 1924. In the beginning, there was a lot of lack of technology in the Indian Air Force but the Indian Air Force was successful in strengthening its position and today it is because of the Air Force that any other country is afraid of attacking India’s border.

One of the newest parts of the Indian Armed Forces is the Indian Air Force. The Air Force Bill in the Indian Constitution was passed on 8 October 1932.

Even after India’s independence, there were many times when the soldiers of the Indian Air Force always stood ready to fight for their country India. After independence, the Indian Air Force also made an important contribution in the fight between India and China.

In the Kargil war that took place in May 1999, the Indian Army had to fight in one of the highest terrains in the world to drive out Pakistani infiltrators from the border lines, yet the Indian Air Force proved to be a solution to the crisis for India.

The President of India acts as the Commander in Chief of the Indian Air Force. The Indian Air Force never has more than one Air Chief Marshal at a time. The Indian government also established an aircraft manufacturing depot at Kanpur airport. The Air Force is the only means to keep an eye on other countries and to drive away their infiltrators.

Objective of Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force Protects Indian airspace from all threats. The Indian Air Force mission is defined by the Armed Forces Act, 1947, the Constitution of India and the Army Act, 1950, air combat areas, etc.

Whenever a disaster occurs in India, the Air Force helps in search and rescue operations by dropping relief material in the disaster affected areas. The Indian Air Force has been very helpful in moving relief material and rescue of natural disaster during Gujarat cyclone in 1998.

What is the motto of Air Force?

The motto of our Indian Air Force is taken from the 11th chapter of our holy religious scripture Bhagavad Gita. In that, Lord Shri Krishna had shown his great form to Arjun. This sentence is a part of the advice he gave to Arjuna in the battlefield, that sentence is Nabhah Sparshanam Deeptam, it means that we should touch the sky with pride. This sentence is entirely about our Air Force, that is why the Air Force made it its motto.


The Indian Air Force is also called the Armed Forces because what it is, is the Indian Armed Forces. Air Force, Navy and Army, all these three armies have a very important contribution in our India.

Our Indian Air Force has claimed to have the best air personnel and proficiency in combat aircraft, that is why our Indian Air Force has been ranked fourth among the air forces around the world. Its main objective is to patrol the Indian border from the air and conduct air war to prevent any unconstitutional activity.

The Indian Air Force has now also introduced a satellite system developed by itself for its personnel operations. To expand the basic infrastructure, the Indian Air Force is also carrying out a project called ‘Modernisation of Airfield Infrastructure’. Under this project, 30 Indian airports have been upgraded to 24X7 all-weather flight capabilities. The World Director of Modern Military has given the Indian Air Force a TvR score of 69.4 in the Global Power Air Rankings, placing it third among all the air forces of the world, which confirms the excellent skills and capabilities of the Indian Air Force.

Indian Air Force Day with Pictures

Indian Air Force Day Story

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