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Monkey and Crocodile Story in English

Hello friends, we have written an English story for your entertainment, by reading which you will get good education and this story will help your children to read. It is our effort that you all liked our Monkey and Crocodile Story.

Monkey and Crocodile Story

Monkey and Crocodile Story

A monkey lived on a tree by the river bank. It was a jamun tree and very sweet berries used to grow on it.

One day a crocodile reached near that tree while searching for food. The monkey saw him and asked him the reason for coming there, so the crocodile told his problem to the monkey. The monkey told him that very sweet berries grow on that tree and gave the crocodile berries to eat.

They both became good friends. That monkey used to give berries to the crocodile to eat everyday.

One day the crocodile fed some berries to his wife. His wife liked the berries very much. He thought that these berries are so delicious, then how sweet the heart of a monkey who eats these berries would be.

She told her husband that I want that monkey’s heart and she was adamant on this. She made an excuse of illness and said that she will not get well until she gets the monkey’s heart.

Defeated in front of his wife’s stubbornness, the crocodile made a plan. He told the monkey that my wife wants to meet you. The monkey said how will he go into the water? The crocodile suggested a solution that you walk on my back so that you can reach home safely.
The monkey had faith in his friend, he immediately jumped into the river and sat on his back.

When they reached the middle of the river, the crocodile felt that now there is no harm in telling the truth to the monkey and he told the whole truth to the monkey that his wife wanted to eat the monkey’s heart. The monkey felt very sad. His heart broke. But he did not lose courage.

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The monkey said to Tapak, “Hey friend, why didn’t you tell me this earlier, I have kept my heart on the Jamun tree only. Now quickly take me back to the river bank so that I can bring my heart to fulfill my sister-in-law’s wish.” I can finish it.”

As soon as the crocodile brought the monkey to the river-bank, the monkey jumped loudly on the jamun tree and said in anger, “Fool, can anyone live without a heart?” Ja, from today your friendship ends.

Moral story:- A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.

Monkey and Crocodile Story with Pictures

Monkey and Crocodile Story

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We hope you liked our English story. This story is not just for kids but for everyone, it’s really a very funny story, if you guys like this story of Monkey and Crocodile Story, please tell us by commenting and share it with as many people as possible.

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