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Raksha Bandhan Story in English

Hello friends, we have written an English story for your entertainment, by reading which you will get good education and this story will help your children to read. It is our effort that you all liked our Raksha Bandhan Story.

Raksha Bandhan Story

This Rakshasutra protected Indra and he was victorious in the war. Since then, sisters started tying rakhi on the wrist of their brothers to protect them. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a very important festival for all sisters and brothers. It is a symbol of brother-sister love. This festival is celebrated every year on the full moon date of the month of Shravan. Raksha Bandhan Story the one who is teaching on 30 august

Raksha Bandhan Story

1. Yam and Yami’s Endless Love

There are many other stories associated with this festival. There is another lesser known story of which there are many versions. This is the story about Yama and Yami, the first mortal beings on earth. Yama and Yama, the twin children born to Sun God and Sanjana, the queen of clouds, loved each other very much but Yama died untimely. Yami broke down and cried profusely for her brother. The deities were worried about Yami and requested her father Sun God to set the sun so that she could be relieved of crying. That was the first time night occurred through the first sunset on Earth. As the cycle of night and day began, Yami’s pain lessened with the passage of time. Every time she slept, she woke up the next day feeling better, although the pain of losing her beloved brother still plagued her.

As time passed, Yami’s tears formed the river Yamuna and she became one with it. On the other hand, Yama became the first person to die. And because he had left the world without committing any sin, he was given the status of a god. He was chosen as the king of dharma and Yamraj, the god of death.

As time passed and more people came to the planet earth, the river Yamuna started flowing, albeit sadly. One day, he met the river Ganga who saw his sorrow. Then Yamuna told her friend that she still misses her brother Yama, who has now become Yamraj. To ease her friend’s suffering, Ganga met Yamraj and urged him to visit her sister. And he did just that. The twins spent the entire day enjoying their bond and reliving their childhood memories. Then Yama blessed Yamuna with immortality and promised her that he would visit her at least once a year. It would become their day, a day that would celebrate the love between brother and sister. From that day this day came to be known as Raksha Bandhan.

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2. Krishna and Draupadi

This is a mythological and very interesting story of Raksha Bandhan for kids, taken directly from the great epic Mahabharata.

Princess Draupadi was the wife of five Pandavas. Krishna was his friend and teacher. Draupadi respected Krishna a lot and always gave him lots of respect.

One day Krishna was faced with a difficult situation in the court. His aunt’s son Shishupala was threatening to kill him! Shishupala and Krishna always had a strained relationship. This is about the time when Shishupala was born with three eyes and four arms.

When his parents prayed to heaven, a voice told them – “The one in whose lap Shishupala’s extra arms and eye would disappear, he would also be his killer.” It turned out to be Krishna who was only a child at that time. Seeing his aunt’s terror, he said to her, “Please don’t worry. I promise you that I will also forgive 100 mistakes of Shishupala.

However, today Shishupala was seething with anger. Krishna married Princess Rukmini – the princess whom Shishupala himself wanted to marry. In his anger, when he also abused 100 times, Krishna could not tolerate it any more. He threw his Sudarshan Chakra at Shishupala and killed him. However, while doing this, Krishna’s finger also got hurt.

Draupadi was watching all this. Unable to see Krishna’s blood, she hastily tore a part of her saree. With this cloth he tied a bandage on his finger and stopped the flow of blood. Krishna was extremely impressed by his gesture. He promised to protect her whenever she needed him, whenever she was in trouble. He uttered the word ‘Akshayam’ to bless them. It means – ‘May it be infinite’.

Years later, the Pandavas were facing great defeat and humiliation at the hands of their brothers the Kauravas. They were defeated in a game of dice, and as per the ‘rules’, lost everything – including their kingdom. Draupadi is summoned to the court, and the evil Dushasana tries to disrobe her. But no matter how hard he tried, he could not do it. The saree was never finished and Draupadi’s honor remained intact. She was saved from facing embarrassment in the court.

True to his promise, Krishna protected Draupadi, giving her infinite boons. The cloth that Draupadi had tied on Krishna’s finger a long time ago became his protector, his rakhi.

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3. An inspirational story about Raksha Bandhan

We get a motivational story related to the beginning of Rakhi from Mahabharata. This story is motivating because it shows that for there to be love between brother and sister, it is not necessary for them to be related. The story is that when Yudhishthira was performing Rajasuya Yagya in Indraprastha, Shishupala was also present in the gathering.

Shishupala was a relative of Shri Krishna as well as his enemy. Shri Krishna was also invited in the Rajasuya Yagya. Yudhishthira starts showing respect to Shri Krishna on his arrival. Shishupala does not like this thing and starts abusing Shri Krishna in the gathering.

Seeing this behavior of Shishupala, Shri Krishna kills Shishupala with his Sudarshan Chakra in anger, but while returning the Sudarshan Chakra, Shri Krishna’s little finger gets cut a little and it starts bleeding. At the same time, Draupadi tore the pallu of her sari and tied it on Krishna’s finger to stop the bleeding. Because of which Shri Krishna in return promises to protect Draupadi for life.

And this is the reason why Shri Krishna protects Draupadi at the time of ripping off Draupadi. It is said that the day this incident took place, it was the full moon day of the month of Shravan. Since then Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on this day and all sisters tie rakhi to their brothers like ‘Draupadi’ and brothers also promise to protect sisters like ‘Shri Krishna’.

Raksha Bandhan Story with Pictures

Raksha Bandhan Story

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We hope you liked our English story. This story is not just for kids but for everyone, it’s really a very funny story, if you guys like this story of Raksha Bandhan Story, please tell us by commenting and share it with as many people as possible.

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