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Story Writing For Class 4 in English Examples, Topics, Exercises

Very good Story Writing for Class 4 which will be useful for all the children and we have prepared this story for you with great enthusiasm.

So please read and write this story carefully and complete your summer vacation work.

Story Writing For Class 4

Story Writing For Class 4

Tortoise and the Hare

Once the tortoise was running on the road at his natural speed. A rabbit saw him. At first he laughed at the tortoise’s slow speed, then he remarked. How slow! The tortoise became sad and angry.

But he did not lose his patience. He said to the rabbit, “Do you want to race with me?” At this the rabbit laughed again and said, “What do you say? Race with you! Very amazing!”

The tortoise only smiled and said nothing. The date and time of the race were fixed. The old monkey was made the judge. On the day the race was to be held, both the rabbit and the tortoise gathered at the fixed place and time. The race began. The rabbit ran very fast.

The tortoise moved ahead at its natural speed.

The rabbit stopped at a place and looked back. “There is no trace of the tortoise. Let me rest for a while,” thought the rabbit and sat down under a tree to rest. Then he fell asleep. The tortoise kept moving ahead; saw the rabbit sleeping and reached the winning spot.

When the rabbit woke up, he saw that the tortoise was approaching the winning spot. He ran fast but alas! He could not reach the winning spot before the tortoise. The tortoise reached the winning spot before the rabbit and won the race.

Moral: Slowly and steady wins the race.

Witty Deer

There lived a deer in the forest. The deer was very cute. The animals of the forest loved him very much. But there was a cruel lion king in the forest who had announced that every day one animal should come to him for food otherwise he would kill all the animals.

All the animals were worried. They gathered at one place and discussed the matter. But they could not find any solution to save themselves from the cruel claws of the lion. The deer was also listening to everything very carefully. It was very clever.

Finally the deer said, “Don’t worry, I will take care of that lion. Tomorrow I will go to him and kill him.” Everyone present there started laughing loudly. They asked him about the plan. The clever deer said, “Just see tomorrow.”

The next day morning the lion was sitting in front of his den, waiting for his wonderful meal. Every animal of the forest was hiding here and there to see what happens. Everyone was sure that the cute deer would be killed today.

Everyone saw the deer slowly coming towards the lion. The lion was smiling. The deer cursed him loudly. The lion jumped over him but the deer escaped and ran towards one direction. The lion ran after him. Everyone was surprised. The deer was running very fast but the lion was not far behind him.

Suddenly the deer changed direction towards the river. The lion was chasing him so fast that it seemed that in a few moments the lion would catch and kill the deer. All the animals were surprised.

They were praying for the life of the deer. There was a small broken bridge on the river. As per the plan the deer crossed the bridge very carefully and crossed the river.

As soon as the lion tried to cross the river from the same bridge, it broke from the middle. The turtles which were standing in a row to look like a wooden bridge started swimming in different directions.

The lion fell in the middle of the river. He did not know how to swim, so he drowned. The deer had won the battle against the lion. Every animal was appreciating the intelligence and wisdom of the deer.

Moral: Wisdom prevails over every situation.


In a village, a farmer had a hen……. a golden egg……… The farmer became rich by selling the golden eggs………….. The greedy …………… thought of getting all the eggs at once ……… Killed the hen………….. Could not get the eggs.

The Greedy Farmer

A farmer lived in a village. His name was Richard. He had a hen. The hen laid a golden egg every day. The farmer sold the golden egg in the market and earned a lot of money. Soon he became rich. He built a big house.

But the farmer was very greedy. He wanted to get more eggs every day. He thought, “Right now I get one egg every day. This is not enough. Why can’t I get all the eggs at once? To get all the golden eggs at once, I will have to kill the hen.”

And the greedy farmer killed the hen. Did the farmer get any eggs? No, he did not get any eggs. He was very sad now. He could not get the golden egg anymore. All this happened because of his greed.

Moral: Greed is a curse


Birbal – courtiers are jealous of him – asks Akbar for permission to test his intelligence – one courtier asks him a question – how many crows are there in Agra – Birbal asks for a week to study the situation is he seen looking at crows on the roof every day? After a week the courtier asks him again Birbal says that there are as many crows as the number of hairs on the courtier’s head – Akbar laughs.

The Clever Birbal

Some courtiers in Akbar’s court were jealous of Birbal. They asked Akbar for permission to test Birbal’s intelligence. Akbar told them to go ahead.

One courtier went to Birbal and said, “You are really very clever. You can surely tell me how many crows are there in Agra.”

Birbal thought for a moment and said, “Give me a week and I will tell you the exact number.”

From that evening Birbal was seen sitting on the roof staring at the crows that were flying or sitting at different places.

After a week had passed, the court was called once again. The courtier went to Birbal and asked him the same question again.

Birbal said to him, “Can you tell me how many hairs you have on your head?”

“Why not,” said the man.

“I am sorry,” said Birbal, “because there are exactly that many crows in Agra.” Akbar and all the courtiers laughed heartily at this.

Moral: Wisdom is power.


A sailor took his pet monkey with him on a sea voyage………….. A terrible storm overturned the ship,…………… A dolphin saved the monkey’s life …….. Took the monkey to an island…………… The monkey said that he was a prince ………. The dolphin understood his lie………. Left the monkey alone on the island.

The Monkey and the Dolphin

Long ago, there was a sailor who had a pet monkey. One day, he set out on a journey to sea in his sailing ship with other sailors. This time he also took his pet monkey along on the journey. When they were far out in the sea, a terrible storm capsized their ship. All the people on the ship fell into the sea.

The monkey was sure that he was going to drown. Suddenly a dolphin appeared and picked him up. The dolphin took the monkey to an island. On reaching the island, the monkey got down from the dolphin’s back.

The dolphin asked the monkey, “Do you know this place?” The monkey replied, “Yes, I know! In fact, the king of this island is my best friend.” The dolphin knew that no one lived on that island. So he said, “Oh! You are a prince! But now you can be the king.”

“The monkey asked, “How?” The dolphin replied, “Simple! Since you are the only living creature on this island, naturally you are the king!” The dolphin swam away leaving the monkey alone on that island.

Moral: People who lie and brag can get into trouble.

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We hope you liked our English story. This story is not just for children but for everyone, if you liked Story Writing For Class 4 then please let us know by commenting and share it with as many people as possible.

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