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The Hunter and The Pigeon Story in English

The Hunter and The Pigeon Story

Hello friends, we have written an English story for your entertainment, by reading which you will get good education and this story will help your children to read. It is our effort that you all liked our The Hunter and The Pigeon Story.

The Hunter and The Pigeon Story

There lived a cruel and merciless hunter in a place. He used to catch birds every day, kill them and eat them. Seeing this routine, his family members and his loved ones abandoned him. After that day he started living alone with the net and wood.

One evening a pigeon got trapped in the hunter’s net. He took the pigeon trapped in the net and started walking towards his shelter. Suddenly, heavy clouds appeared in the sky and it started raining heavily. The hunter started searching for shelter, after looking around for a while he saw a Peepal tree.

Entering into the shell of the Peepal tree, he said, “Whoever has this shelter, I am in his shelter. Whoever helps me at this time, I will be indebted to him for the rest of my life.”

This shelter belonged to a pigeon whose pigeon was trapped in the hunter’s net. At that time the pigeon was crying in sadness due to the separation from his wife. Seeing the pigeon, the pigeon’s heart was filled with joy. She started thinking in her mind, “I am blessed to have such a loving husband, my life has been blessed.” Every woman’s life becomes successful only by the happiness of her husband.”

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Thinking this the pigeon said to her husband, “O dear! I am right in front of you, this hunter has trapped me in his net, this is the result of my unruly deeds. You leave the worry of my bondage and serve the guest who has come to your shelter. If a living being does not serve the guest, all his good deeds are left behind and go with the guest and all his sins are left behind. This hunter is under our protection, he should be treated with hospitality.”

Hearing his wife’s words, the pigeon said to the hunter, “Consider this house as your own and tell me what service I can do for you?”

The hunter said, “I am feeling cold, please find some solution to get rid of the cold.”

The pigeon collected the wood scattered nearby and after burning them, said to the hunter, “You light the fire, your cold will go away.”

Now the pigeon became worried about the guest’s food. When he looked in his nest, he realized that there was not a single grain to eat in the nest.

After a lot of thinking, the pigeon decided to satisfy the hunter’s hunger with his body. Thinking this, the hospitality pigeon jumped into the burning fire. He fulfilled his vow to satisfy the guest’s hunger by sacrificing his life.

When the hunter saw this sacrifice of the pigeon, he started feeling remorse, he stopped hunting from that very moment and freed the pigeon from the net. All the instruments for catching birds were broken and thrown away.

The pigeon started mourning after seeing her burning husband. She thought, “What is the meaning of my life without my husband, my world has been destroyed.”

At the same moment, the devoted pigeon also jumped into the same fire. Seeing the sacrifice of these two, flowers started raining from the sky. The hunter gave up animal violence from that very day.

Moral Story:- We learn that there is strength in unity and we should not lose courage even in adverse circumstances.

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We hope you liked our English story. This story is not just for children but for everyone, if you guys liked The Hunter and The Pigeon Story then please tell us by commenting and share it with as many people as possible.

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