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The Ugly Duckling Story in English

Hello friends, we have written an English story for your entertainment, by reading which you will get good education and this story will help your children to read. It is our effort that you all liked our The Ugly Duckling Story.

The Ugly Duckling Story

The Ugly Duckling Story

There lived a duck in a forest. His house was on the river bank. She had laid five eggs, which she patiently incubated day and night. He was waiting for the babies to emerge from the eggs.

At last the day came when babies came out of the eggs. The duck was very happy to see the little children. But, one egg had not hatched yet. That egg was bigger in size than other eggs and its color was also more brown.

The little ducklings wanted to play in the river. He wanted to learn to swim. They said to their mother, “Mother, take us to the river.”

But the duck wanted to take all her children to the river together and one egg had not yet hatched. So he asked his children to wait. All the little ducklings were very sad, but they obeyed their mother.

A few days passed and everyone’s wait was over. The last egg cracked and the mother duck and all the little ducks were surprised to see what came out of it. He was somewhat different in appearance from other ducks. The size of its head was quite large, its beak was long and its feathers were grey.

Seeing him, all the little ducks said together, “He is so ugly, mother.”

Mother duck was sad about this. He loved all his children. She loved everyone equally. She explained to him and said, “You should not say this. This is your brother. Now you all have to live together.”

Then she took everyone to the river and started teaching them how to swim. All the little ducks were very happy and playing with each other. The ugly duckling also wanted to play with them. But they did not include him with them. Instead, they started laughing at him and making fun of him.

They started saying, “Look look, look at his face. How different this is from us. How beautiful we are and how ugly he is. We don’t want to play with it. “We don’t want to live with this.”

The ugly duckling kept listening to them with his head bowed. He was lonely and sad. Mother duck explained to him that he should not pay attention to what his brothers said. But his sadness did not go away.

Every day all the little ducks would come together to make fun of him and laugh at him. Gradually his mother also stopped refusing his brothers.

The ugly duckling began to feel that even his mother did not love him. He did not want to live in a place where no one loved him. So one night he left home and ran away.

He kept walking through wild vegetation, bushes and trees. He kept moving forward, drenched in dust and mud.

Many days passed. At last one day he reached a pond in which a family of ducks were swimming. They were all happy. They were talking, playing and having fun among themselves.

The ugly duckling wanted to play with them. He went up to them and greeted them. As soon as he saw the ducks he said, “Who are you? What are you doing here?

Before the ugly duckling could say anything he said again, “Oh, you are so ugly. Don’t come to us. Get out of here.”

The ugly duckling saw his reflection in the water. It had become very dirty due to dust and mud. He said to himself, “Why am I so ugly? Won’t anyone like me? “Won’t anyone become my friend?”

Then he left from there. He wanted to go to a place where people would love him and consider him as their own. But he did not know where he would find such people. He was just leaving. After passing through dust, mud and bushes, he became dirtier than before.

After traveling for several days, he reached a big pond, where he saw brown ducks. Seeing them, he started thinking that their complexion is similar to mine. Maybe they will let me stay with them. Maybe, they can become friends with me.

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He swam towards them and greeted them. Seeing him the brown duck said, “Who are you? Where have you come from? Oh, how dirty you are? How ugly are you?”

Hearing this, the ugly duckling bowed his head. He was very sad. He started thinking about leaving from there too, then the eldest of those ducks said, “You look a bit strange. Don’t know where you came from? But still I allow you to live with me. You just have to obey everything we say.”

The ugly duckling was very happy to hear this. From that day onwards he started living with them. He played with them, swam in the water and talked a lot. The behavior of all of them was very good towards him. The ugly duckling was spending the day happily. Many days passed like this.

One day suddenly a hunter came near that pond. He took out his bow and arrow and started aiming at the brown ducks. The ugly duckling got scared and stood silently in a corner.

After killing all the brown ducks, the hunter noticed the ugly duckling. Seeing her he said, “Hey, what are you? You are very ugly.”

Saying this he went away. The ugly duckling was very sad. He started wondering whether I was so ugly that even a hunter would not want to hunt me.

He was left alone again. He left that place. He was walking away. Time was passing. He was growing up. His wings had started coming out. Now he had also started flying for some distance.

He kept wandering like this for several days. He was in bad condition due to hunger. He had become very weak. Now he no longer even had the strength to fly or walk.

Somehow he went and sat in the village house. Now he had no strength left to go ahead. He fell asleep while sitting there. He woke up in the morning after hearing a sound.

“Hey, what is this?” it lives in that house

It was the voice of the farmer.

“Maybe a duck.” His wife said.

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The farmer and his wife kept him at their home in the hope that they would get some eggs from him. But several days passed and the ugly duckling did not lay any eggs.

He was growing bigger day by day. The farmer and his wife liked it, but there was no longer room for it in their small house. So one day they sent him away saying, go and find your family. He will keep you with him. He will love you.

The sad ugly duckling went away from there. The winter season had arrived. It was bitterly cold. Rivers and ponds had frozen. The flowers and leaves were covered with a layer of snow. Somehow he managed to save himself in such weather and kept walking.

time elapsed. The weather changed. Spring season has arrived. The snow started melting. There was greenery all around. But the ugly duckling was sad.

He reached the bank of a pond. He saw a family of swans, the most beautiful birds, swimming in that pond. He was looking at them. But he did not have the courage to go to them and ask them to let him live with him, because he had been rejected by his own family, by other ducks, and even by humans.

Then a swan came swimming near him and said, “Hey, your feathers are whiter than ours.” Look how they are shining in the sunlight. How beautiful are you?”

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The ugly duckling was surprised to hear this. He saw his reflection in the clear water of the pond and his surprise knew no bounds. He was no longer an ugly duckling. He was not a duck at all. He was a swan. A swan with white feathers, long neck and beak.

He went into the water and met a family of swans. Everyone was very happy to meet him. He included him in his family. They all loved him very much, played and swam with him and considered him their own. He was very happy.

One day all the swans were swimming in the water. Then a man came there with his wife and son. Recognized him by that swan. He was a farmer and his family.

He swam to the shore. The farmer said, “Looks like you have found a new family who loves you. You also look very happy. Today I want to tell you that you are the most beautiful swan.”

He was very happy to hear his praise from the farmer. Now his life had really changed. He started living happily with his new family.

Moral Story:- What lesson do we learn from this story that one should never make fun of anyone.

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We hope you liked our English story. This story is not just for children but for everyone, if you guys liked The Ugly Duckling Story then please tell us by commenting and share it with as many people as possible.

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