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The Woodcutter and The Golden Axe Story in English

Hello friends, we have written an English story for your entertainment, by reading which you will get good education and this story will help your children to read. It is our effort that you all liked our The Woodcutter and The Golden Axe Story.

The Woodcutter and The Golden Axe Story

The Woodcutter and The Golden Axe Story

In a small village, a poor farmer lived with his family. He used to work in the field throughout the day, but due to the large number of members in the family, it was becoming difficult for him to earn bread for two days. Seeing this helplessness, the farmer always remained sad and kept thinking of new ways to earn money.

Looking at his condition, one of his friends suggested him to take up farming along with poultry. His friend said that if you sell hen’s eggs along with farming, your earning will be good. With this you will be able to feed your family a lot. The farmer was happy to hear this, but said that brother, I do not even have money to buy chicken. In such a situation, what kind of chicken eggs will I sell?

Hearing these words of the farmer, his friend said, Brother, there is no need to be so worried. Take some money from me and buy a couple of chickens. Later, when the money comes, give me my money back. Hearing this, the farmer agreed and took some money from a friend.

The next day the farmer left for the market with the money. Going there, he bought five to six chickens. From the rest of the money, he took feed for the chickens. Immediately after taking the hen and feed he left for home. After all, he had to go to the farm as well. As soon as he returned home, he called his wife and said, “You hear, I have brought the chickens.” Take them and give them food and water properly. From tomorrow onwards, all the eggs she will lay, she will earn some money by selling them.

As soon as his wife came out, he handed over the hens and grains to her and went towards the field. When the farmer returned after working in the fields all day, he was surprised to see his wife. His wife was wearing a new shiny silk saree instead of dirty clothes. There were gold bangles in the hands and a pearl necklace around the neck.

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Seeing all this, he could not understand what kind of treasure his wife suddenly got, with which she bought new clothes. He asked his wife what is all this? How and where did all this come from? The wife smiled and said, just understand that God’s blessings have showered upon you.

The farmer again said, Hey! Tell me, how did this happen? The wife said, one of the chickens you brought had laid a golden egg. On hearing this, the farmer suddenly jumps up and says, what are you telling the truth? The wife says, yes indeed, that is why all this happened and hands the husband a bag full of money.

The farmer is very happy to know about the golden egg, but wants to see everything with his own eyes for satisfaction. For this, he sits near the hens early in the morning, when one of them lays a golden egg. Seeing the golden egg, he is overjoyed. There is no limit to his happiness. He picks up the egg in his hand and calls out to his wife. As soon as his wife comes he says, we are no longer poor. We will become the richest man in the world.

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Hearing this from the farmer, his wife asks, have you gone mad? How can one become the richest man in the world with just one egg? People don’t know how much gold they have. On this taunt of his wife, the farmer says, think, when this hen lays a golden egg, why not take out all the eggs in its stomach at once. The wife thinks a little, then agrees with her husband. She runs away and gets a sharp knife.

The farmer takes the knife from his wife’s hands and rips the hen’s stomach open with one stroke. The moment the hen’s stomach bursts, the hen dies and the farmer does not get a single egg. Seeing this, the farmer and his wife regret their actions.

Moral story:- The lesson we learn from this story is that we should never be greedy. In this story, when Madan became greedy, he had to wash his hands even with the golden egg that he gets daily.

The Woodcutter and The Golden Axe Story with Pictures

The Woodcutter and The Golden Axe Story

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We hope you liked our English story. This story is not just for kids but for everyone, it’s really a very funny story, if you guys like this story of The Woodcutter and The Golden Axe Story , please tell us by commenting and share it with as many people as possible.

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