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Two Cats And A Monkey Story

Two Cats And A Monkey

A long time ago, there lived two cats in a village. The two cats were very good friends and lived very happily together. Other animals also used to set the example of their friendship. Both of them started living happily. Whatever they got or found, they used to eat it together.

One day both cats were playing in the afternoon. While playing, a cat got hungry and went in search of food. He saw a delicious piece of bread and quickly picked it up.

As he started to eat it, the other cat said to him, “Hey, my friend, what are you doing? Why did you start eating bread alone? Have you forgotten me, your best friend? Whatever we eat, we share it among ourselves.”

The first cat broke the delicious bread into two pieces and gave one piece to the second cat. Seeing this the other cat again said, “Why did you give me a small piece? This is wrong, my friend.”

A fight started between the two cats and the dispute escalated so much that all the animals nearby gathered to watch. Then a monkey came forward. Seeing the two cats fighting, he asked, “Dear cats, why are you fighting?”

When the two cats told the monkey their dilemma, the monkey said, “You are fighting just for this? I can help you. I have a weighing machine. By placing these two pieces on it I will know which piece is bigger and which is smaller. Then we will make both the pieces equal. Do you agree? ,

Both cats agreed with the monkey’s idea. The monkey climbed the tree and brought his weighing machine. He placed both the pieces of bread on the plate of the measuring scale. While weighing the pieces, he noticed that one plate was heavier than the other, so he said, “Hey, this piece is bigger than the other. Let’s make both of them equal,” and saying this he broke off a small piece from the big piece of bread and ate it.

Whenever a plate became heavy, the monkey would break off a little bread and eat it. Both the cats became nervous now. They still waited patiently for the monkey’s decision, but when they saw that the pieces were now too small, one of the cats said to the monkey, “Don’t worry, now we can divide the bread as we wish.” Are.”

The monkey replied, “Okay, okay, but I should also get my hard-earned money.

Saying this, the monkey put the remaining two pieces of bread in his mouth and the poor cats were fooled. The cats returned home empty handed. Both cats realized their mistake, and understood that fighting against each other was a very bad decision and that others could take advantage of it.

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