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The Little Thief in the Pantry Story in English

Hello friends, we have written an English story for your entertainment, by reading which you will get good education and this story will help your children to read. It is our effort that you all liked our The Little Thief in the Pantry.

The Little Thief in the Pantry

The Little Thief in the Pantry Story

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a little mouse who loved visiting people’s houses. She was a curious and adventurous mouse, and she loved exploring new places. One day, her eyes fell on a large pantry filled with delicious food, and she couldn’t resist the temptation to take a closer look.

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As she entered the pantry, she saw rows of shelves filled with all kinds of food – cheese, bread, fruit and even some leftover cake. She was in heaven. She started to nibble on a piece of cheese, and it tasted so good that she just had to eat more.

The little mouse became so obsessed with the food kept in the pantry that she started stealing it. She would come in quietly at night, fill various things in her little paws and run back into her little mouse hole.

At first, she was careful that no one saw her, but eventually, the family living in the house began to notice that their food was going missing. They couldn’t figure out who was carrying it, but they knew something was happening.

One day, the little mouse was in the pantry stuffing her cheeks with delicious bread when she heard a noise. She turned back and saw a big, fat cat staring at her with hungry eyes.

The little mouse got scared. She knew that the cat could eat her in a moment. But then, he got an idea. He looked at the cat and said, “Hello, Mr. Cat. Would you like to share some of this delicious bread with me?”

The cat was surprised to hear the mouse speak, but he was also hungry. He decided to give the little mouse a chance and said, “Sure, I will share the bread with you. But only if you promise never to steal from this pantry again.

The little mouse agreed, and the cat and the mouse began to share the bread. While eating, they talked about their lives and their adventures. The cat told the little mouse about his days as a kitten, and the little mouse told the cat about his love of exploration.

After finishing eating, the cat and the mouse said goodbye and went their separate ways. After that day, the little mouse never stole from the pantry again. She knew it was better to have friends than enemies, and she was grateful to have a new friend in the form of the big, fat cat.

The family living in the house never found out who was stealing their food, but they were glad it had stopped. They had no idea that a little mouse and a big, fat cat had become friends in their pantry, sharing stories and bread. But the little mouse knew, and she was happy to have a new friend in a place where she least expected it.

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We hope you liked our English story. This story is not just for children but for everyone, if you guys liked The Little Thief in the Pantry then please tell us by commenting and share it with as many people as possible

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