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Friendship and Trust story in English

What is friendship.. A friend becomes a very special relationship for any person’s life, which is useful in our dry sorrow and Friendship and Trust story sees us being right, this is such a relationship that we share with you Let’s make and befriend them.

Friendship and Trust story

Friendship and Trust story

Sohan and Mohan, two friends who had gone on a foreign trip, were passing through a forest. There is often fear of wild animals in the forest. Sohan feared that he might encounter a wild animal.

He said to Mohan, “Friend! There must be wild animals in this forest. If an animal attacks us, what shall we do?”

Sohan said, “Friend, don’t be afraid. I am with you. No matter what the danger may come, I will not leave your side. Together we will face every difficulty.”

While talking like this, he was moving forward that suddenly a bear appeared in front of him. Both the friends got scared. The bear started moving towards them. Sohan immediately climbed a tree in shock. He thought that Mohan would also climb the tree. But Mohan did not know how to climb the tree. He stood down helplessly.

The bear started coming near him. Mohan started sweating out of fear. But even being afraid, he started thinking of a way to escape from the bear. While thinking, a solution came to his mind. He fell to the ground and, holding his breath, lay like a dead man.

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The bear came closer. While roaming around Mohan, he started getting the scent of him. Sohan was watching all this from the tree. He saw that the bear was whispering something in Mohan’s ear. Whispering in the ear, the bear went away.

As soon as the bear left, Sohan got down from the tree. Mohan also remained standing till then. Sohan asked Mohan, “Friend! When you were lying on the ground, I saw the bear whispering something in your ear. Was he saying anything?”

“Yeah, the bear told me never to trust such a friend, then run away leaving him alone in trouble.”

Moral story:- Some trouble has come upon you and your friends do not support you, they are not friends.

Friendship and Trust story with Pictures

Friendship and Trust story

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We hope you liked our English friendship story. Friendship and Trust story This friendship story is not only for children but here is actually a very fun story, it is a funny story, which is very funny to people, if you like this story, please share it with as many people as possible and comment.

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