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Covid-19 Poem in English for Students and Kids

We have written a lot of poetry for you, which will inspire us, this poem is also opportunistic, encouraging for you people, you will get good lessons in all these poems and Covid-19 Poem in English, we have written all these poems entertaining for you.

Covid-19 Poem in English

We have Covid-19 Poem in English for you, in which we have written a lovely poem about the beauty of Mother, which you will enjoy reading.

Covid-19 Poem in English

1. My Quarantine

Days pass, each the same
I follow the movements,
Once foreign to me, now my normal
Wake up, get ready for the day
There’s nowhere to go

My house-once a safe haven,
is now my prison
Time for “school”
Instead of being surrounded
by my peers,

I have only myself
My thoughts echo in the silence
which was once occupied
With the hustle and bustle of students
I sit in my room, staring at a screen

The only connection to what used to be
Time passes, schools out
And yet I do not move
For this has become my quarantine

….Emily Gallagher

2. The Same Boat

Covid-19 Poem in English

‘We’re all in the same boat’ they say
But I would disagree
So many different sailing crafts
Upon this stormy sea

Some sail on ocean liners
In comfort, style, and ease
Relaxing on their balconies
….Sipping their G & Ts

Some speed along in motor boats
As if it’s all ok……
With little care for smaller crafts
Which may get in their way

Some struggle on their battleships
Where nothing’s going right
Endlessly preparing…..
For the next relentless fight

Some huddle in their lifeboats…
And pray that they’ll be saved
Hoping for a calmer sea…
And fearing every wave

Some drift around upon their rafts….
They barely stay afloat
They’re praying for a change of luck…
And chance to board a boat

Some haven’t found their sea legs yet….
And dread each wave and swell
They’re struggling to stay upright
And don’t feel very well

So whilst you’re on your journey
To a safe and calmer port
Look out for fellow sailors
Who may need some support

Could you throw them a life belt?
Or a paddle or an oar?
Perhaps you could help guide them
A bit nearer to the shore

….Julie Sheldon

3. Schools are closed

Schools are closed!
The minister said
To halt the dread disease
But not quite closed
As I sing and dance
Head, shoulders, toes and knees

Schools are closed!
The parents said
Except for workers key
But not quite closed
As I stand and sup
My early morning tea

Schools are closed!
The papers said
Bar those with special needs
But not quite closed
As teachers sow
The lifelong learning seed

Schools are closed!
The people said
As staff work on the net
But not quite closed
To love and care
As children’s needs are met

….David Babatunde Wilson

Covid-19 Poem Grade 7

4. Alone Together

Everything changed in
the blink of an eye
Forced to leave school
without saying goodbye

Now confined to
my 4 by 4 room
My only social interaction
is through Zoom

No longer a desk,
but work in bed
In my comfy pajamas with
the books that I’ve read

I light my candle for
a pleasant smell
Enjoying the quiet
sound of no bell

But life at home isn’t as
great as it seems to be
I miss the times
when we were all free

I think of all the workers
that sacrifice their lives
And put our needs before
theirs so we may survive

We need to be strong for
one another and unite
For we are alone
together in this fight

….Amanda Ferhani

5. “What the Last Evening Will Be Like,”

You’re sitting at a small bay window
in an empty café by the sea.
It’s nightfall, and the owner is locking up,
though you’re still hunched over the radiator,

which is slowly losing warmth.
Now you’re walking down to the shore
to watch the last blues fading on the waves.
You’ve lived in small houses, tight spaces—

the walls around you kept closing in—
but the sea and the sky were also yours.
No one else is around to drink with you
from the watery fog, shadowy depths.

You’re alone with the whirling cosmos.
Goodbye, love, far away, in a warm place.
Night is endless here, silence infinite.

….Edward Hirsch

6. Bubble Trouble

I am a single granny
With daughter, and a son
I’ve got a newish lover
And he’s a lot of fun!

Now I can make a ‘bubble’
But which house do I choose?
Someone will be offended
No matter what I do

Do I go to my daughter’s?
And help wipe snotty noses
Or do I see my lover?
For candlelight and roses

Do I go to my son’s house?
And risk an ear bashing
Or shall I go to lover boy’s?
And have some nights of passion

And then, there’s my friend Maureen
Who has nobody else
So shall I spend some time with her?
And not think of myself

Am I a granny dutiful?
On whom they can depend
Am I a selfish lover?
Or a dedicated friend?

This really is a problem
That I could do without
In fact, it was much simpler
When I could NOT go out

Oh Boris! Why’ve you caused me
Such a lot of trouble
I really don’t know what to do
With this flippin’ ‘social bubble’

….Julie Sheldon

7. “One Art,”

The art of losing isn’t
hard to master;
so many things seem
filled with the intent

to be lost that their
loss is no disaster.
Lose something every day.
Accept the fluster

of lost door keys,
the hour badly spent.
The art of losing isn’t
hard to master.

Then practice losing farther,
losing faster:
places, and names,
and where it was you meant

to travel. None of these
will bring disaster.
I lost my mother’s watch.
And look! my last, or

next-to-last, of three
loved houses went.
The art of losing isn’t
hard to master.

I lost two cities,
lovely ones. And, vaster,
some realms I owned,
two rivers, a continent.

I miss them, but it wasn’t a disaster.
Even losing you (the joking voice,
a gestureI love) I shan’t
have lied. It’s evident

the art of losing’s not
too hard to master
though it may look like
(Write it!) like disaster.

….Elizabeth Bishop

Poetry about Covid 19 Pandemic

8. Some of us

Some of us must stay at home
And not go out the door
Some of us are working
Like we’ve never worked before

Some of us are falling out
With siblings, Dads, and Mothers
Some of us are reaching out
And looking after others

Some of us are keeping busy
Doing lots of jobs
Some of us have given up……
We’re turning into slobs

Some of us are playing games
And learning brand new hobbies
Some of us are still ‘no good’
And watching out for Bobbies

Some of us have lots of friends
To text with and to phone
Some of us have no one
And feel that we’re alone

Some of us feel positive
And think that we’re in charge
Some of us feel anxious
And fear the world at large

Some of us have footpaths
To cycle, walk, and jog
Some of us have nowhere nice
To even walk the dog

Some of us are welcoming
New babies being born
Some of us have lost loved ones
And cannot truly mourn

None of us will ever know
What’s really going on
None of us will think the same
When all of this is done

All of us can choose to spend
Our days in fear and dread…..BUT
All of us can choose to plan
For better days ahead

….Julie Sheldon

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9. “Quarantine”

Covid-19 Poem in English

What if I just want to be
In the same room as you?
Keeping up conversations

Is not my strong suit, I am better at
Breathing when I hear you breathe
Typing at my laptop while you’re

Biting your pen and flipping pages
Or scrolling through your phone
Laughing occasionally

You’d ask to open my window
As it’s gotten too hot
I’d stretch out on the carpet

If I needed a break
Silence on a video call means
It’s time to hang up

But if you were here
We’d have the kind of silence
One would never want to leave.

My friendship with you
Is better side by side, not
face to face.

….Patricia D. Gao

10. What if it’s just Nature?

What if it’s just Nature
Taking back control
Questioning the actions
Of every living soul

What if it’s just Nature
Asking us to stop
To think about our planet
And treasure what we’ve got

What if it’s just Nature
Slowing us right down
Time to look around us
And see what can be found

What if it’s just Nature
Asking us to think
What is it that we really need?
Love, health and food and drink

What if it’s just Nature
Giving us the time
To be more understanding,
Generous and kind

What if it’s just Nature
Asking us to care
To think about each other
And sometimes just be there

What if it’s just Nature
Sending us this pain
Time to re-evaluate
Before we’re all insane

What if it’s just Nature
Setting us a test
To try to save our planet
Let’s do our very best!

….Julie Sheldon

11. A life with no colour

Our world of innocence was caught unaware,
Taunted by a malicious nightmare,
Locked inside for the foreseeing future,
An experiment gone wrong; a distorted sculpture.

We wait through day for that word of relief,
Citizens spiral into psychotic belief,
“Lives have been lost” says the newspaper ad,
Coronavirus is sending people mad.

Where to go; what to do,
We try our best to struggle through,
The roads are clear from cars and bikes,
No long walks or country hikes.

Isolated from family and friends,
Trapped inside till the crisis ends,
Can we survive this helpless attack?,
A life with no colour: only black.

….Charlotte Jolley

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Short Poem on Covid-19

12. Socially Distanced

It’s Sunday morning. The sky
is the colour it does best.
I have changed the contents
of the cats’ litter trays and

disinfected what needs
disinfecting. Now I sit here
in my brown leather chair,
ankles crossed on its matching

footstool, cup of cappuccino
at my elbow, scrawling this.
A small buzzing that’s not
my ears, a bee or wasp

my weak eyes can’t locate,
otherwise quiet in an old
farmhouse at the end of a long
well-pitted track a world

and worlds away from other
people’s versions of isolation,
socially distanced by
scribbles in a pad.

….Michael Lawrence

13. Plaguelock

The sudden invasion of pathogens
left humanity in dungeons.
As we sit and witness the ordeal
heaps of corpses are left ideal.

The priest in white apron
and the enlist in beige patron
working hand in hand selflessly
in a honourable exemplary.

The humankind is startled
Gaea smiles and terra sparkles
the passerine advancing towards havens
as the tellus recuperates from our abrasions.

Take comfort and know
better days lie ahead,
but first we must endeavour
to keep a cool head!

….Juhi Joshi

14. Yesterday I Spent

Yesterday I spent three hours,
On Facebook and shopping sites.
(Trying to avoid the bad news)
Yesterday I spent over £400,
On stuff I didn’t really need.
(Most I’ll send back for refunds)
Yesterday I also spent my money,
On presents for upcoming birthdays.
(I’m sorted for up to October now)
Yesterday I spent five hours,
Idly watching telly.
(Mainly CBeebies and This Morning)
Yesterday I spent an hour,
Walking in spring sunshine.
(We spotted some new flowers)
Yesterday I spent another,
Weeding the vegetable patch.
(Ready to plant seeds Dad gave us)
Yesterday I spent twenty pounds
On books for homeschooling Owen.
(Trying to keep us motivated)
Yesterday I spent no time,
With family I don’t live with.
(I didn’t even phone any of them)
Yesterday I spent only moments,
Actually awake on my own.
(Today I’ll get some me time for poetry)
Yesterday I spent too much time,
Worrying about the Corona virus.
(It’s hard not to when it’s so bad)
Yesterday I spent a while,
Searching for moisturiser.
(My hands are so dry from washing)
Yesterday I spent too long
Biting my nails and cuticles.
(We’re to avoid touching our face)
Yesterday I spent the night
In the spare room’s single bed.
(I went to bed later than Phil)
Yesterday I spent ages
Trying to get to sleep.
(Feeling bad that I’d wasted time)

….Jennifer Ridout

15. Good Friday

The sun was shining today.
It was warm in the garden,
And on our walk along the river.
We set up ramps for Owen,

To drive his monster truck over.
We enjoyed a roast pork lunch.
Owen discovered that he
Absolutely loves crackling,

But found the road parsnips,
We too ‘sugary’ for him.
It wasn’t the day we had planned,
With circus at the theatre

And a big family get together,
But it was definitely a good Friday.

….Jennifer Ridout

Poem Example about Covid 19

16. Zoom

Everyone’s on video calls
With Zoom and Team and Skype
Which means that I can see your face
I don’t just have to type

We’re talking on the phone more
The Internet is buzzin
I’m catching up with old school friends
And messaging my cousin

There’s WhatsApp for my family
And friends who are on furlough
It gets a bit frustrating
When the WiFi’s on a go-slow

Let’s keep in touch by any means
By phone or app or post
Check in with friends and neighbours
And those you love the most

….David Babatunde Wilson

17. The sounds of lockdown

The empty silence of city streets
Closed pubs that never call time
Theatres missing their encores
Singers cut off in their prime.

Bird calls and tweets fill the air
Nature has full rein to breathe
As humans hunker down at home
And grounded planes no longer leave.

Joggers pound the pavements
Shouting cyclists pedal by
The dance to keep our distance
Cursing those who just won’t try.

The constant chatter of Zoom calls
Is your sound on, love? I can’t see
Ooh, I like your snazzy wallpaper
Is there time for the loo or some tea?

Clapping for carers on Thursdays
The welcome plop of the post
The beep beep beep of the bin men
Key workers we now praise the most.

The hiss and sizzle of the barbecue
Sunny days merge together as one
The loud smash of glass being recycled
We ask: “When will lockdown be gone?”

….Dee Allen

18. New Morning Normal

Covid-19 Poem in English

Get out of bed? What time? What for?
An Amazon delivery at the door
Is the only incentive I have these days
To stir myself from a duvet-clad haze

You want some breakfast? Help yourself;
There’s crisps and Kit-Kats on the top shelf
For God’s sake, you want fruit instead?
There’s half a chocolate orange by my bed.

Plait your hair? Just leave it in dreadlocks?
No clean knickers? No matching socks?
Yes, watch telly until midday…
We’ll start the homeschooling later, ok?

….Jo Eccles

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