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Unseen Poem for Class 8 English Question Answers

We have brought you Unseen Poem for Class 8 English question and answers MCQ which will be very useful for you. So you solve it and speed up your question-solving speed so that you can solve more and more questions in the exam.

Unseen Poem for Class 8

Students coming to class 8 should study hard to strengthen their studies so that they can get good marks in the Examination. Keeping all these things in mind, we have come up with Questions and Answers on English Unseen Poem for Class 8 children which will help them.

Unseen Poem for Class 8 – Poem 1

Oh! Defenders of borders
You are great sons of my land
When we are all asleep
You still hold on to your deed.
Windy season or snowy days
Or scorching sun’s sweltering rays
You are there guarding all the time awake
Treading the lonely expanses as Yogis.
Climbing the heights or striding the valleys
Defending the deserts and guarding the marshes
Surveillance in seas and by securing the air
Prime of your youth given to the nation
Wind chimes of my land vibrate your feat
We pray for you brave men.
May the Lord bless you all

Questions and Answers – Poem 1

  1. What do they sacrifice for the nation?
  2. Which figure of speech is used in the last line of the second stanza?
  3. The poem is dedicated to ______________.
  4. What does Dr. Kalam express through the last two lines?
  5. Scorching’ in the poem means ______________.


  1. Their lives, their youth and everything.
  2. Simile.
  3. The soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation.
  4. Kalam expresses his tribute through the last two lines.
  5. Burning.

Unseen Poem for MCQ – Poem 2

The tigress Razia lives alone.
Her two cubs haven‟t been named.
Sheru barely played with them
And now he‟s gone, O what a shame.
Sheru was an expert on winds,
Knew how they traversed dale and hill.
And where they put up for the night
When no leaf stirred and all was still.
He knew their winds, their traffic lanes.
He knew the deer would smell him out,
If they were downwind.
So he would belly–crawl and crouch
And take a long circular route,
Hiding behind bush and shrub.
Once he knew his scent wouldn’t carry,
In a flash, he would erupt.
(Deer hadn‟t sniffed that thick and musty
Smell of his which people dubbed
As tiger – scent.) He got the stag,
His claw fell like a giant club
On neck and antler – both were crushed.
Now Sheru‟s gone. Not any more
Do people fear his dreaded spoor, (smell)
Pug – marked on the forest floor.
Grief and fear start competing
In Razia‟s heart. With Sheru gone,
Will the hyenas hound her cubs?
Can she leave the little ones alone,
When she goes hunting flesh and bone?
The tigress Razia lives in fear.
A greater dread, when will again
The poachers with their guns appear?

Questions and Answers – Poem 2

Q1. Why does the tigress Razia live alone?
Ans 1.
The poem suggests that Sheru, who may have been a companion to Razia, is gone, leaving her alone.

Q2. What was Sheru’s expertise mentioned in the poem?
Ans 2.
Sheru was an expert on winds. He knew how winds traversed dale and hill and where they settled for the night when the environment was still.

Q3. How did Sheru approach hunting deer to avoid being detected?
Ans 3.
Sheru would belly-crawl and crouch, taking a long circular route, and hiding behind bushes and shrubs. He was cautious of the wind direction so that the deer couldn’t smell him.

Q4. Describe the moment when Sheru successfully hunted a stag.
Ans 4.
Sheru got the stag by surprising it. His claw fell like a giant club, crushing the stag’s neck and antler.

Q5. What is Razia’s emotional state after Sheru is gone?
Ans 5.
Razia experiences grief and fear. She worries about the safety of her cubs and fears the potential threat from hyenas.

Q6. What new fear does Razia face after Sheru’s departure?
Ans 6.
Razia fears the return of poachers with their guns. The poem indicates a greater dread related to the potential danger posed by human hunters.

Unseen Poem for Class 8 Worksheet – Poem 3

I lay in sorrow, in deep distress;
My grief a proud man heard;
His looks were cold, he gave me gold,
But not a kindly word.
My sorrow passed I paid him back
The gold he gave to me;
Then stood erect and spoke my thanks
And blessed his charity
I lay in want and grief and pain;
A poor man passed my way,
He bound my head, he gave me bread
He watched me night and day
How shall I pay him back again
For all he did to me ?
Oh, gold is great, but gr eater far
Is heavenly sympathy.

Questions and Answers – Poem 3

  1. What did he not give to the poet:

(a) money
(c) food
(b) gold
(d) sympathy

  1. How did the proud man help the poet when he was in deep distress?

(a) He gave him jewels
(c) He gave some money
(b) He took him home
(d) He pitied the poet

  1. Which of the following statements is not true:

(a) The poet repaid his debt to the proud man only by thanking him
(b) The poet blessed the charity of the rich man
(c) When the poet was in sorrow, he was given money
(d) The poet says, he cannot repay the poor man for his sympathy

  1. Which word in the poem means “giving money to a person who is in need”:

(a) charity
(b) sympathy
(c) kindness
(d) distress

  1. How did the poor man take care of the poet:

(a) The poor man gave him some food and money
(b) The poor man gave him good and kind words
(c) The poor man gave him food and took care of him day and night
(d) He took the poet home and bound his head which was hurt


  1. (d) sympathy
  2. (c) He gave some money
  3. (a) The poet repaid his debt to the proud man only by thanking him
  4. (a) charity
  5. (c) The poor man gave him food and took care of him day and night

Unseen Poem for Class 8 ICSE – Poem 4

Whenever I see Gas balloons go up
I wonder where we’d end up If we’re balloons.
Would we go far away To some unknown destiny ?
Or will it be carefully decided goal
We would work our way to ?
Balloons! How much they’re
like human beings-
so different from each other
in colours, shapes, design and sizes
Some live long and some don’t
Just like us some find
A pair of loving hands and some don’t
They get lost, burst or destroyed
Like we do
At times
They rub cheeks affectionately
Occasionally you can hear
them whisper secrets
As only friend will
And once in a while, in the chill
of the night, or mist of dawn
you may find one tear
flowing down

Questions and Answers – Poem 4

  1. The word from the poem that comes closest in meaning to ‘fate’ is _____________
  2. Just as we are unaware about the fate of balloons, we are also _____________
  3. The poem describes the similarities between _____________
  4. Outwardly balloons are different from each other in _____________
  5. The line used to describe die rustling sound of balloons is _____________


  1. Destiny
  2. Unaware of our destiny
  3. Balloons and human beings
  4. Colour and size
  5. They rub cheeks affectionately

Unseen Poem for In English – Poem 5

O tree, so big and stout and strong,
You’ve lived so very, very long;
A hundred years or more, I’m told
And yet you’re not so very old.
A hundred secrets you could tell
Of children whom you love so well,
Who came and sat beneath your shade
Or underneath your branches played.
A hundred birds have built their nest;
Your leaves have softly kissed their breasts;
Your branches seem to touch the sky,
Yet you were once as small as I.
Some day when I have grown up, too,
I’m coming back to visit you;
And changed though other things will be,
I’ll find the same dear friendly tree.

Questions and Answers – Poem 5

The speaker in the poem is a young (a) __________ who is fascinated by the sheer (b) __________ and height of the tree in his neighborhood. He believes it knows many (c) __________ of children who once used to (d) __________ in its shade and play under its (e) __________ . It is home to hundreds of (f) __________ who build their nests in it. It is so tall that its branches seem to be (g) __________ the sky and the speaker is surprised that once upon a time it was just a little sapling. He wishes to (h) __________ tall and strong like the tree and hopes that when he (i) __________ it some years later he would find it as (j) __________ then as it is now.


  1. (a) observer
  2. (b) magnitude
  3. (c) stories
  4. (d) gather
  5. (e) branches.
  6. (f) birds
  7. (g) touching
  8. (h) grow
  9. (i) revisits
  10. (j) majestic

Unseen Poem for Class 8 CBSE – Poem 6

Turn, Fortune turn thy wheel, and lower the proud;
Turn thy wild wheel thro’ sunshine, storm, and cloud;
Thy wheel and thee we neither love nor hate.
Turn, Fortune, turn thy wheel with smile or frown;
With that wild wheel we go not up or down;
Our hoard is little, but our hearts are great.
Smile and we smile, the lords of many lands;
Frown and we smile, the lords of our own hands;
For man is man and master of his fate
Turn, turn thy wheel above the staring crowd;
Thy wheel and thou are shadows in the cloud;
Thy wheel and thee we neither love nor late
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Idylls of the King

Questions and Answers – Poem 6

  1. We neither love nor hate means _________.

(a) we are unconcerned
(b) we disregard
(c) we are unrelated
(d) we are not touched

  1. The words lower the proud’ are request to Fortune to _________.

(a) throw down those who are snobbish
(b) bring down the proud
(c) humiliate people
(d) make powerful people lose power

  1. Our hoard is little means _________.

(a) we have little fortune
(b) we don’t have much in our stores
(c) we are not wealthy
(d) what we have collected is little

  1. The lords of our hands means _________.

(a) we have our destiny in our own hands
(b) we are farmers
(c) we have strong hands
(d) we control our life

  1. The wheel of fortune symbolizes _________.

(a) changes in fortune
(b) ups and downs in life
(c) a spinning wheel
(d) a giant wheel


  1. (a) we are unconcerned
  2. (b) bring down the proud
  3. (c) we are not wealthy
  4. (a) we have our destiny in our own hands
  5. (b) ups and downs in life

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Unseen Poem for Class 8 CBSE

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We have brought you an Unseen Poem For Class 8 in which you will get answers to all types of questions. If you want any more information please comment.

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