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English Story For Class 5 Students

Hi, Here I add 5+ English Story For Class 5 students in this post. I know all of you getting homework to complete your task or you may learn something new through the story. So, these stories enhance your thinking of mind and also give you a moral lesson.

Hello, and welcome to this blog post about English stories for Class 5 students! Stories have the power to capture our imagination, teach us important lessons, and take us on adventures to far-off lands. For Class 5 students, learning English through stories can be a fun and engaging way to develop their language skills, as well as their love of reading and writing.

Whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, I hope this blog post provides you with valuable insight into the world of English Stories for Class 5 and inspires you to begin your own journey of discovery and growth in this exciting and engaging genre. So let’s know about these very short English stories.

English Story For Class 5

English Story For Class 5

  1. The Needle Tree
English Story For Class 5

Two brothers lived near a forest. The older one was very mean to the younger brother – he used to finish all the food and put on all the new clothes of his younger brother. One day, the elder brother decided to go into the forest to get firewood and sell it in the market. As he was walking around, chopping down tree after tree, he stumbled upon a magical tree. The tree said, “O kind sir, please don’t cut my branches. If you spare me I will give you golden apples.” He agreed but was disappointed with the number of apples the tree gave him. Overpowered, he threatened the tree to chop off the entire trunk if it didn’t give him more apples. Instead, the magical tree showered hundreds and hundreds of tiny needles on Big Brother. As the sun went down, Big Brother groaned in pain. He lay down on the ground.

The younger brother was worried, and so he searched for his older brother. He found her lying in pain near the tree, with hundreds of needles on her body. He went to his brother and lovingly and gently removed each needle. After she finishes, Big Brother apologizes for treating her badly and promises to improve. The tree saw the big brother’s change of heart and gave him all the golden apples he would ever need.

English Story For Class 5 Students

2. The Greedy Lion

English Story For Class 5

One hot day in the forest, a lion started feeling hungry. He was starting to hunt for his food when he found a rabbit roaming around alone. Instead of catching the rabbit, the lion let it go – “a small rabbit-like this cannot satisfy my hunger”, he said and scoffed. Then, a beautiful deer passed by, and he decided to take his chances – he ran and ran after the deer, but since he was weak due to hunger, he struggled to keep up with the deer’s speed.

The tired and defeated lion went back to look for the rabbit to fill his stomach for a while, but he was gone. The lion was sad and was hungry for a long time.

English Story For Class 5 Competiton

3. The hare and the tortoise

English Story For Class 5

A hare and a tortoise lived in a forest. The hare was very proud of his fast speed and always laughed at the slow speed of the tortoise. One day the tortoise got angry and challenged him to a race. A tree located at a great distance was chosen as the victory point. When the race started, the rabbit ran as fast as he could. Very soon he was out of sight. There was a shady tree on the way. The rabbit decided to take some rest under it. The cold wind was blowing and the rabbit fell asleep. The tortoise crawled away. She went on slowly but steadily.

On the way, he saw that the rabbit was fast asleep. Although he was very tired, he did not stop to rest. Finally, he reached the victory post. When the hare woke up, it started running very fast but when it reached its destination, it was too shy to see the tortoise already there. He had lost the race.

English Story Telling For Class 5

4. The Greedy Dog

English Story For Class 5

Once upon a time, there was a dog who was roaming around the village in search of food. He was a greedy dog and was never satisfied with what he had. On one particular day, he managed to snatch a piece of bone from the butcher’s shop and ran away to eat in peace. On the way, he found a river. He was very curious, so holding the bone he peeped into the river. He was amazed to see his reflection. But he thought it was another dog with a bone.

Since this dog was greedy, it wanted that bone too. So he opened his mouth and started barking in the hope that the other dog would get scared and leave his bone behind. But, as soon as he opened his mouth, his bone fell into the river and floated away. Then the dog got upset that in the greed of getting another bone, it lost its own bone.

English Story For Class 5 With Moral

5. The King’s Painting

English Story For Class 5

There was a king who had only one leg and one eye but he was generous and able as a ruler. One day while walking in his palace, the king’s eyes fell on the pictures of his ancestors on the side of the hall. He also wanted his portrait to be painted by an artist, but he was not sure how it would turn out because of his physical abnormalities. The king invited all the painters from all over the kingdom and asked who could paint a beautiful portrait of him. The painters were confused about how to make a beautiful portrait of the king with only one leg and one eye.

All the painters politely refused to paint the portrait of the king. Just then a young painter came forward and made sure to paint a beautiful portrait of the king. A few days later, the young painter unveiled the painting in the court in which the king was seen sitting on a horse with one leg, holding a bow, and shooting an arrow with one eye closed. There was no sign of physical deficiencies in the king in the painting. The king was pleased to see that the painter had creatively presented the positive features of the king but did not highlight the abnormalities.

Short English Story For Class 5

6. The Pig and the Sheep

English Story For Class 5

A pig finds its way into a meadow where a shepherd was tending a flock of sheep. The cowherd caught the pig and led it to the butcher’s shop when it started crying loudly and struggling to get free. The sheep said to the pig, “The shepherd regularly grabs us and drags us like that, and we don’t make any noise.”

The pig replied, “Mine and your case are quite different; he catches you and takes you to shave the wool, but he wants me killed to make bacon.”

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In conclusion, the English story for Class 5 students is an important and valuable tool to develop language skills and foster a love of reading and writing. With their simple language and engaging themes, these stories are perfect for young learners who are just starting to explore the world of English.

Whether they are exploring classic tales like ‘Greedy Jackal’ or discovering new adventures in their own imaginations, Class 5 students will find many opportunities to grow and learn through stories in English. As you come to the end of this blog post, I hope you feel inspired and motivated to start your own journey of discovery in this exciting and captivating genre. Thank you for reading!

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