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Patriotic Poem in English

Based on the patriotic poem. Hello, in today’s article, we will read beautiful and attractive English poems based on patriotism for you. What is patriotism in true sense, you will understand after reading these poems. All students can read these poems on occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day.

There are many websites where you can find poems in English, here you will find many types of patriotic poems. I have written this English poem for you, I have prepared this post for you, which you enjoy reading and can read easily.

Patriotic Poem in English

Patriotic Poem in English

“brave soldier”

come on kids i’ll tell you
saga of brave soldiers
Laughingly took the bullet of freedom in the chest,
A mother’s son laid down his life for the country.

Gave freedom to the country with pride,
To the brave martyrs by their sacrifice.
He is stationed everywhere to take on the enemy and lay down his life,
freed from the chains of slavery

In this era of freedom, we hoist the tricolor,
Let us all bow down to Mother India for the heroes of the country.

Independence Day is the pride of the country,
brave soldiers are the pride of my country

Patriotic Poem In English By Famous Poets

From the independence of 15 august
My country is till the constitution of 26 January

From pride of Vande Mataram to
My country is till the sacrifice of the martyrs

from the verses of the Gita
My country is till the verse of Quran

from the splendor of the Taj Mahal
My country is up to the height of Qutub Minar

from green to red
My country is up to the glory of the tricolor

from Sanskrit alphabets to
My country is till the sweetness of Urdu

from the time of emperors
My country is up to the glory of Nawabs

from love of country
My country is till I fall in love with that country

From the scent of the soil of that country
My country is till the taste of the salt of that country

My country is in the heart of every Indian
My country is in every vein of all of us

Patriotic Poems In English By Rabindranath Tagore

Mother India
village dweller
Shyashmal is spread in the fields
dusty slush
Tear-water in Gaga-Yamuna
clay idol sadini
dainyan-jidin apalak nat chitvan
silent cry in the dark
a mind weary of ages and ages
she is a resident of her land

Poem On Desh Bhakti

step up step up
as long as there is a breath

last drop of blood
of the country, as long as there is strength
never stop, never give up
ride on your pride, ride on your pride
What if you get lost? will take another birth
move forward as long as you have the guts

Let the spirits be high, the fire should be burning in the veins
If the enemy comes, cut his head
Step by step, oh my dear country

Be it the boat of the storm or death in front of you
By erasing the fear of time, you are like a dreadful time
Step by step, step by step as long as there is the breath

Patriotic Poem For Republic Day In English

There was unity in diversity,
This is the pride of Indians.
how many heroes attained martyrdom
That’s why it is for every Indian,
Is great.
Even without non-violence, in the shadow of the father,
got freedom because
So India is my life.
All respect to those heroes,
to follow them all
It is everyone’s welfare.

Patriotic poems in english by rabindranath tagore

My country is great
love is respect
brave is young
bravery is sacrifice
lots of respect
My country is great.
of truth and non-violence
walking the path
of the heroes of the revolution
seeing courage
Vasundhara is also surprised
My country is great.
many religions, but one
love the nation
giving up his life
on the pride of the country
history is proof
My country is great.
peace and prosperity
courage, patience is indomitable
salute to bravery
Self-respect is identity
India whose name is
My country is great.

Patriotic Poem In English For Class 3

Jai jawan jai kisan
glory to him who sleeps in the summer
wide awake
hail the one who is in the loop
Bharti was freed from the shackles
whose fall on the ground
she is sky
salute to his bravery
could not fathom bravery

glory to the rippers
planting rice seeds
who waters the crops daily with his own blood
feed the country
Glory to him whose only enterprise
works in mines
their hard work
gold rises from the soil

Ye jawan ve kisan
definition of sacrifice
height of sacrifice
He is the prestige of India.

From whom Ganga Jamuna Sutlej Sindh
From whom Himadri Nile Deccan Vindhya
from whom kashmir kanyakumari
from whom gujarat exploded
from whom the leaders of the real people
fortune telling
Jai jawan jai kisan

Patriotic Poem On Republic Day In English

Dear countrymen, give respect to the nation
Give a gift to a country that has become a self-reliant India

Save the memories of self-respect in your heart
Inculcate the tendencies of upliftment in the new generation
There are countless stories in the history of the praise of heroes.
Happy future everyone, hail India
Give good virtues to young children
Give a gift to a country that has become a self-reliant India
Dear countrymen…………

stay clean stay healthy no time to rest
Keep increasing your strength, there is no shortage of work.
Holy land, holy work is the culture of salutation
May everyone have a happy life, say hail to Shriram
Be strong, stay healthy, give India a strong foundation
Give a gift to a country that has become a self-reliant India
Dear countrymen…………

Make education a weapon, lay the foundation of practice
success is not far away, effort is needed
If not today then tomorrow the true victory of faith
Every house will be decorated with tableaux of happiness and gaiety.
be knowledgeable, be virtuous, expand your intellect
Become a self-reliant India, give a gift to the country
Dear countrymen…………

do agriculture, grow, grow, grow
Elephant horse palanquin meets hard farming
worry about who saw yesterday
Resolutions will open the way for a new life in the new year
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Jai Shape Science
Give a gift to a country that has become a self-reliant India
Dear countrymen……….

Heart Touching Patriotic Poem In English

This India is ours
my dear India which is dearer to all countries
My India is great, this is our slogan
This India is ours
There is no difference between religion, language, and caste in this country
Together we all live in the same environment
Feelings are respected here, no one is insulted
My dear India which…. this India is ours

We respect each other’s festivals
Get lost in happiness as if this is the color of love
This is the culture of India, this is the harmony of India
my dear India which is dearer to all countries
This India is ours……

Will someone look up or break the country
the strong-willed army will break his bone
This is the army of India, this is the power of India
don’t collide dear do you know where is your whereabouts
This India is ours
my dear India which is dearer to all countries
My India is great, this is our slogan
This India is ours.

Best Patriotic Poem In English

The independent republic of India
This country is dearest
I am proud I was born
in this land an incredible
fate is with whom
that is my India country

India is country
India is my best
culture is valuable
and the incredible whose legacy
that is my India country
who is almighty
Plurality is the identity of which
decorated crown on whose head

that is my hindustan
who is always great
proud of those fighters
from whom we got freedom
Whose soil does not get tired
thank you for giving
paid the price with blood
of our freedom
Sacrificed the capital of life

For this self-rule of ours
Shaan will remain the tallest in India
This is my Watan-e-Gulistan]
Salute to the soil of my country
the one who watered the flowers is great
India is our mother
and we are the children of
my heart salutes

When I see its tricolor
there is simplicity in it
who brings love
its simplicity in my mind
Awakening the spirit of the country
of love for
this feeling in my mind
the peace that brings great comfort
Every particle of mine gives respect

love for your motherland
this is my country India
who is dearer than life
die for this country
but will never let the head down
always victorious over enemies
but my country is peaceful
I am that Indian

who loves India
Bharti is my life
And pride is also Bharti
we all worship you
you are the creator of our destiny
you are the mother of all
your glory is unique

and your army is very strong
everything grows in your soil
May there always be prosperity in the country
where there is always prosperity
There the people of India are unique
everything depends on you
you ride on a lion

your tricolor is very pleasing
Whom the fighter has to protect
Jai Hind Jai Bharat

Patriotic Kavita In English

We the brave of unbroken India, all the children of Mother India
As long as there is life in the body, I will never let go

We are the children of that Rana, who tore apart the enemy
Ho night on that deadly Chetak, fought fiercely in the battle

We drank the milk of that mother, whom the world was afraid of.
Every drunkard was crazy about the women’s power in my country

Remember the earth from which Gauri used to wander
The one who used to kill with a march even after losing his eye

Every horse from male to male showed wonderful courage here.
Chetak Badal used to flaunt in full force in the battle.

O brave bankers, wake up, save mother India’s zenith
Who is here to stop you, have courage and try

If there is a way, then there are obstacles, there is an obstacle, and there is a solution.
Where is your skill in others, why is it afraid without any reason

Don’t delay in ostentation, where is the rest for the eyes
Where is the rest in the holy time that gives continuous delight

This means of fame is also for you, at least try to become
With dreams in your eyes, at least sometimes see the ocean

On the holy land of my country, the one who sacrifices Tapovan
Adhikari Srijan Suhawan is the woman of my country

Some have come, some have gone, some are immortal, indestructible
The struggle is still going on due to some immortal own deeds.

Patriotic Poems In English For Class Nursery

I bow my head to my motherland
India resides in the heart, I talk about it
There is a Himalaya crown on the top, there is a garland of pearls in the form of a kingdom on the chest.
Belts of Maharashtra, Telangana, and Odisha adorned in Kati
The beauty and enthusiasm of every organ are unique
The greenery of Kerala graced the stage
free shacharit dhani Bharti bride
Kanyakumari wanders from Kashmir
Redness of love and affection raining daily on our dear people
If the enemy shows us his eyes, then he becomes black.
Mother Earth, my life is irrigated by your love
blessed I understand this body
I will sacrifice everything for you
I also make this vow when the time comes
You touch every height, may your name be bright
I pray and wish this again and again
Born on this holy land, respect it
I bow down again after being overwhelmed by your difference.

Short Poem On Desh Bhakti In English for class 9

Our beloved India, our country is different from our people
May I be sacrificed for this country, this is our honor

A pure stream of holy rivers flowing in this earth
Standing Himalayan head who is our keeper

Knowledge gave its indelible shadow to the world
After learning the lesson of truth and non-violence, Adhiyara was eradicated.

Our unity in the diversity of east west north south
Gita Bible Quran taught light

This is history created in this land of heroes
India is inhabited by every particle of soil

Our country is great where women are worshipped.
This is the message given in the voice of the people

Ram is the best among men in this holy land of Ram.
Jai Jai the birth of such land is great

This sky is haunted by the spirit of brotherhood
Salute to such a motherland that has campaigned

India is such a mark of ours in the whole world
Should I be sacrificed, this is my campaign.

Small Poem on Desh Bhakti in English

Freedom brings great profits
Your freedom comes with the decree of loyalty
Yome Azadi fulfills oaths of hubb alone
Everyone is engrossed in freedom

Taid rule is played by Freedom
Freedom brings thousands of happiness

The soul of India was awakened today]

Birth of a new country, destruction of firangis
The country got the crown of freedom today
a perfect society away from slavery

Humanity reminds me of freedom
Freedom brings thousands of happiness

The result of the sacrifices of the martyrs
Gandhi Nehru is the heart of Azad
how many lost their lives doing it
saved bit by bit

freedom shows the way to the misguided
This freedom brings thousands of happiness

Patriotic poem of veer rasa

be proud of our country
great patriotism in
patriotism of soldiers
to passion
every moment we salute
they die on the border

Doing every bit of this country
security arrangement
disappears as soon as the enemy comes
his name
Hindu Jain Sikh Christian
no one’s name here

know who plays
he is the real young man
sleeping in mother’s lap
India is like mother’s lap
close your eyes and remember
bus country morning or evening
be proud of our country
great patriotism in
they give us food
their job is to grow food
if we don’t get food

so our life seems like
abode of water without fish
work day and night
happy people names
having his company
we call them farmers
be proud of our country
great patriotism in
ISRO touched the height
A new milestone on Mars

be proud of our country
great patriotism in
wearing a mask and holding a stick
Bapu was the pride of the country
From Dandi Satyagraha March
Mahatma became great
Rani Laxmibai Sarojini Naidu
was the pride of the country
after independence

Abdul Kalam became a missile man
be proud of our country
great patriotism in
At the feet of Mother India
this is my greeting
he has a crown
Ours and Modiji’s
this is what you want while sleeping
the honor of the big country
the honor of the big country
be proud of this country
great patriotism in

Short Patriotic Poems In English For Class 1

Moving huge snow moon,
Satrang Thal is like Ras Raat.
The call is coming again and again,
That is Jagat Jayat Jai Bharat.

Immaculate perception, rasa chhand rite,
Literary love overflows the image.
Nirved free Satkirti,
That is Jagat Jayat Jai Bharat.

Avichal Sushil, Kanchan Si Lake,
Various melodious voices are fascinating.
There are mounds of culture, miles, and miles,
That is Jagat Jayat Jai Bharat.
-Suryansh Nema

Patriotic Poem in English

English Patriotic Poem For Republic Day

listen carefully Indians
tells the story of heroes
of those heroes
who gave us freedom
someone fought with all his might
So someone fought the hunger strike
someone played holi of blood
someone had faced a bomb and bullet
someone was on the hook
So someone was driving on the tuber
Seeing the enthusiasm of the heroes
there was an uproar in London
bowed the foundation of the British
Mother India’s Nandan
we all became independent
Nandan Ray of Mother India

Patriotic Poem In English For Independence Day

Not just a matter of days or months
the battle of the centuries

A single lamp in someone’s house
sweet daughter of someone’s house
When we fought hard together
then somewhere it worked
just days months

someone left his house
someone broke all the love
be independent all stand
then somewhere this name happened
just days months

someone took up the idea
someone showed muscle
keep a sense of being independent
then somewhere it worked
just days months

Once upon a time, there was a storm of fifty-seven
sometimes high fever of forty-seven
when the flood of sacrifices came
then rest somewhere

not just a matter of days or months
the battle of the centuries.

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