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English Story For Class 9 Students

Hi, Here I add 5+ English Story For Class 9 students in this post. I know all of you getting homework to complete your task or you may learn something new through the story. So, these stories enhance your thinking of mind and also give you a moral lesson.

Hello, and welcome to this blog post about English stories for Class 9 students! Stories have the power to capture our imagination, teach us important lessons, and take us on adventures to far-off lands. For Class 9 students, learning English through stories can be a fun and engaging way to develop their language skills, as well as their love of reading and writing.

Whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, I hope this blog post provides you with valuable insight into the world of English Stories for Class 9 and inspires you to begin your own journey of discovery and growth in this exciting and engaging genre. So let’s know about these very short English stories.

English Story For Class 9

English Story For Class 9

  1. A Grain as Big as a Hen’s Egg
English Story For Class 9

One day some children found an object the size of a grain of cum. A traveler bought it by giving money from children and sold it to the king. The king called his pundits and told them to find out what was the matter. The pundits told him that it was a grain of com. The king ordered the pundits to find out when and where such a com grew. The pundits presented an old farmer. He was pale, toothless and walked with crutches. The old man saw the grains. He told the king that he had neither sown nor reaped grains like this in the fields. Perhaps his father could tell him something about this. The king called the old farmer’s father. The grain was shown to him but he also had no idea from where such a com grows. He told that maybe his father would tell something about the grains. The father of the old woman was called. He could walk easily and without crutches and could speak clearly. Old grandfather’s eyes fell on the grain. He told that long ago people used to grow grains like this everywhere. “Did you buy it or grow it yourself?” asked the king.

The elder told that in his time it was a sin to buy or sell land. He didn’t know anything about money. Every man had come on his own. Their fields were God’s soil. The land was free. Labor was the only thing that men called their own. The king asked why his grandson walks on two crutches and your son on one crutch. He did not need any machine, had good teeth, clear speech and perfect hearing. The great old man replied that his grandson and son had made themselves miserable because men had stopped living by their labour. They were miserable because they started depending on the labor of others. In the past, humans lived according to the laws of God and had only what they had.

English Story For Class 9 Students

2. Evil Allures but God Endures

English Story For Class 9

In ancient times there lived a pious and generous man. The slaves were proud of their master. They considered him the best lord under the sun as he fed and clothed them well. The devil was irritated to hear such words of praise of his Guru. He won over a slave, Aleb, to his side. He told Aleb to incite the other slaves against their master. Aleb did mischief. He tried to prove that his master was good because they were good to him. He will repay evil for evil and will act differently in such a situation. Other slaves opposed Aleb. Aleb resolved to make the Guru angry. The owner was walking around his pen and showing his sheep and lambs to the guests. He gave special praise to the home-made crispy rams.

He considered it invaluable. Aleb ran like a lion among sheep. He caught hold of the ram’s left hind leg and broke it like a dry branch in front of his master’s eyes. The ram’s leg was broken. The visitors and slaves wept in despair. The devil was sitting on a tree above. He was happy that Aleb had done his job very cleverly. The Guru raised his eyes towards heaven. He looked at Aleb with a smile: “Oh, Aleb, Aleb! Your master has told you to be angry with me, but my master is stronger than you. I am not angry with you, but will make your master angry. Aleb was set free. The merciful master returned home with his guests. The devil fell down from the tree, gnashing his teeth.

English Story For Class 9 Competiton

3. God Sees the Truth, but Waits

English Story For Class 9

There in Vladimir lived a young merchant Aksyonoff. One summer he was going to the Nizhny fair. When he was halfway through, he met a merchant whom he knew very well. They stayed in the same inn and went to sleep in the next room. The next morning, Aksyonoff continued his journey. On the way two constables and an officer stopped him. Aksyonoff was searched and a bloodstained knife was recovered from his bag. He was arrested on charges of murdering and looting his fellow merchant at the inn. Aksyonoff pleaded not guilty. He was accused of killing the merchant and robbing 20,000 roubles. For twenty-six years Aksenoff lived as a convict in Siberia. His hair turned white and his beard became long, thin and grey. No news reached his home’ and Aksyonov did not know whether his wife and children were alive. One of the new convicts was from the city of Aksyonof, Vladimir.

He was Capricorn. He told Axyonofs that he was rich but that his mother was dead and his father was in Siberia. Aksyonof asks Makar if he has heard who killed the merchant. He replied that the person in whose bag the knife was found must be a murderer. He asked, “How can someone keep a knife in your bag while your head is under it”? Aksyonoff was convinced that Makar was the one who killed the merchant. One night Makar comes to Aksyonoff’s room and tells him that he has dug a tunnel under the wall and Aksyonoff can get out of prison. The next day, the soldiers found the tunnel. He asked about the action of the tunnel digger. “It is not God’s will that I should tell!” Said action.

That night Makar comes to Aksyonoff and confesses that he killed the merchant and hid the knife in his bag. He wept bitterly and begged for forgiveness. He will confess and action can be issued. “Where can I go now?……. My wife is dead, and my children have forgotten me. I’m going nowhere. Makar has accepted his crime. But when the order came for Aksyonoff’s release, he was dead.

English Story Telling For Class 9

4. The First Voyage of Da’ud

English Story For Class 9

Dawood had inherited a lot of wealth and property from his wealthy father. But the life of comforts made him miserly. He soon found that his wealth was gone. Then he returned to his field and gathered all that he had. He sold his buildings and land and collected three thousand silver coins. He bought luggage and baggage for himself and other things needed to make the sea voyage. He came to the city of Basra with his fellow merchants. They passed from island after island and from sea to sea selling, buying and exchanging trade.

They anchored near an island and gave food and drink. The master of the ship raised the alarm bell. He announces that the ship rests on a huge fish in the middle of the ocean. Many people rushed to board the ship. Daoud was among those who were left behind on the island. But God saved him from drowning as he swam across with the help of a wooden plank. He fell on the island like a dead man and soon became unconscious. The island had abundant fruits and sweet water. Therefore, his health and spirit were revived. He spent a few months, grew a beard and his face took on a different glow. One day while he was walking along the island, he saw an obscure object in the distance. Suddenly a big ship came and anchored near the shore.

The captain saw Dawood but did not recognize him. He told her that the ship had some goods in its hold. His master had drowned at sea on an island during his voyage. He also told Dawood that he wanted to sell those things and give the money to his family in Baghdad. Dawood had already recognized the captain and said, “O lord, I am the master of the goods, and I am Dawood”. The captain welcomed them on board. Daoud has a reunion with his wife and children. He got a lot of money by selling goods in Baghdad.

English Story For Class 9 With Moral

5. Wisdom Saves

English Story For Class 9

Once upon a time there lived a wise monkey on a big mango tree on the bank of a river. A crocodile lived near the river. They became close friends. Often the monkey used to give ripe mangoes to his friend. One day the crocodile asked for some mangoes for his wife. He had never tasted mango in his life. The generous monkey picked up a big ripe mango and gave it to the crocodile.
The crocodile’s wife liked this delicious mango very much. She was very cunning and evil. He thought of eating the monkey only. “He who eats such sweet mangoes must have a very sweet heart,” he said. The poor crocodile got upset. He clearly told his wife that he will never allow such a friend to be killed. But the wicked wife made the crocodile’s life really miserable. Finally, he gave in.

The next day he went to the mango tree. He invited the monkey to have dinner with him. He made the monkey sit on his back. When they were in the middle of the river, the crocodile revealed the truth. His wife really wanted to eat his heart. The wise monkey was silent for a moment. Then he hit upon a plan. He said, “I have left my heart hanging on the mango tree. I want to go back and get it. Soon they were under the tree. The monkey did not delay in climbing the topmost branch without delay. Pointing to his heart, he said, “My heart is inside me. Go away and don’t come near the mango tree ever again. This is the end of our friendship.

Short English Story For Class 9

6. The False Diamonds

English Story For Class 9

A rich man lived in Varanasi. He had only one son who had just turned ten years old. He had a lot of land and property. He wanted to find a good advisor for his son before his death. A man should be truthful and honest. This is what the rich man thought. One day he invited all his relatives to a grand feast. He asked each of them whether he was a wise and good person. Every relative called himself the “wisest and best” man in the world. “Ahh!” shouted the rich man. He gave a diamond to each of his relatives. But a relative remained silent. The rich man asked what he thought of him as a man. The relative replied, “You are an intelligent and good man but there have been more intelligent and better men than you”.

This time the rich man gave a smile of satisfaction. He gave her a diamond the size of an almond. He had got the man he wanted. He appointed him as an advisor to his son. The next day more relatives came. He complained that the diamonds given to him yesterday were not genuine. “Yes, they were as false as your words,” said the rich man.

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In conclusion, the English story for Class 9 students is an important and valuable tool to develop language skills and foster a love of reading and writing. With their simple language and engaging themes, these stories are perfect for young learners who are just starting to explore the world of English.

Whether they are exploring classic tales like ‘Greedy Jackal’ or discovering new adventures in their own imaginations, Class 9 students will find many opportunities to grow and learn through stories in English. As you come to the end of this blog post, I hope you feel inspired and motivated to start your own journey of discovery in this exciting and captivating genre. Thank you for reading!

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